Rural Clinical School

Student Support

2017 Strahan HarbourStudents at the Rural Clinical School (RCS) are well supported - academically, socially and financially. RCS Student Support provides financial assistance with day to day costs, travel and relocation bursaries and accommodation assistance.

Clinical Academic Supervisors

RCS students are allocated a Clinical Academic Supervisor who is a member of the academic staff and part of the RCS team of lecturers in rural medical practice.

Students are encouraged to meet with their supervisor during Group Learning Weeks and Group Learning Programs (GLWs / GLPs). While the meetings will be relatively informal, they should follow an agenda which reflects the student's interests and concerns.  Supervisors are available by email and phone at other times and students may arrange additional meetings.

Other staff are also available for mentoring if required.

Staff are also available to work with students who may have Learning Access Plans and/or Student Support Plans or have special needs.

2016 Defensive driving group

Peer Support

At the RCS Year 4 and Year 5 students learn together in many ways and senior students will often run practice OSCE scenarios for Year 4 students or act as peer mentors. This mutual support is strongly encouraged at the RCS. Students will also discover that junior doctors and registrars are happy to run extra education or skills sessions and give tremendous support to RCS students in the clinical setting on both a professional and pastoral support level. 

Students in the RCS skills lab

RCS Facilities

The facilities at the RCS are modern and well equipped. Tutorial and lecture rooms are equipped with videoconferencing equipment so students can attend sessions whilst away on placements. Student facilities include private lockers, computer rooms, lounges, kitchen, BBQ area, flat screen TV and table tennis.

Students enjoying the Staff Facilities