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2011 Emergency Skills Weekend

Emergency Skills Weekend provides welcome practical experience for Year 4 MBBS students

2011 Skills Weekend - car rescue2

2011 Skills Weekend - Field First Aid2011 Skills Weekend - car rescue

From 22 to 24 September the Rural Clinical School held its annual Emergency Skills Weekend at Smithton. Around 40 medical students and paramedics participated in the two day training program. 

On Friday participants rotated in groups around six practical skills stations in between attending presentations.  On Friday night students, staff and community members attended a dinner and enjoyed two presentations from current Year 5 students on their overseas elective experiences.  

On Saturday morning staff and students were transported to the site of a public pool where emergency service workers staged an emergency incident.  Year 4 students worked in small groups under the guidance of Year 5 students and staff to administer first aid, triage and oversee transportation of their 'patient' to hospital.  At the Smithton Hospital, students continued working on their patients, with the assistance of hospital staff.  The moulage activity was made possible by the wonderful efforts of the SES (Smithton), Paramedics (Tasmanian Ambulance), Police and Smithton Hospital. 

For more information about the Emergency Skills Weekend please contact our Community Engagement Manager, Therese Evans on 6430 4555 or

 2011 Skills Weekend - spine board rescue

2011 Skills Weekend - Rescue from car

 2011 Skills Weekend - Cannulation

Published on: 24 Oct 2011