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Rural Clinical School alumni and staff publish in the International Journal of Medical Education

Congratulations to staff and alumni from the Rural Clinical School whose research "Integrating Exposure to palliative care in an undergraduate medical curriculum: student perspectives and strategies" has been published in the International Journal of Medical Education.

A Rural Clinical School research team surveyed medical students in 2015 around their attitude to palliative care. RCS buildingThey found an overall positive attitude in the cohort and concluded "it remains clear that one of the key strategies to improve palliative care education and practice is through early and ongoing medical student exposure."

They expressed the need for educators to ensure that palliative care elements are incorporated into both academic and clinical  teaching.

The publication was co-authored by alumnus Adrian Lee, student Brodie Carlon (who has since graduated) with Dr Rosemary Ramsey and Dr Thiru Thirukkumaran.

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Published on: 31 May 2017