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North West Electronic Health Record Goes Live

A North West-designed electronic health record program which allows patient health records to be shared across healthcare organisations has gone live.

The Cradle Coast Electronic Health Record (4CEHR) project lays the groundwork for secure, electronic sharing of patient health information between GPs, hospitals and allied health professionals in the region.  It was designed as a collaboration between the 4C consortium (Cradle Coast Connected Care) which comprises the University of Tasmania Rural Clinical School, Tasmania Medicare Local North West, Cradle Coast Authority and the Tasmanian Health Organisation North West (THO-North-West).
THO-North West Acting CEO Gavin Austin said the 4CEHR project had been launched to align with the North West Living Well Dying well (LWDW) project, which is focused around developing coordinated advance care plans for Residential Aged Care Facility (RACF) residents.
"The purpose of the LWDW project is to ensure a coordinated approach to planning for a RACF resident's end-of-life care", Mr Austin said.
The LWDW pilot program was implemented in five local RACF during 2011-12 Baptcare Karingal, Meercoft Inc (Devonport), Mt St Vincent (Ulverstone), Ibis Care (Wynyard) and Emmerton Park (Smithton).
"The 4CEHR supports the LWDW project aims by ensuring that the client's GP, their RACF, their local hospital and any other health care professional providing care to them is aware of their wishes and care requirements in their final days".
The 4CEHR program will be rolled out at the five RACF sites in coming weeks, Mr Austin said.
Mr Austin said the 4C partners, as well as the LWDW project team, were to be thanked for their incredibly hard work during the past 18 months.
"Each organisation has contributed specific expertise to the project", Mr Austin said.
"In particular I would like to thank the Project Manager Colleen Cheek, of UTAS, and the LWDW Project Lead Dr Robyn Brogan".

13 September 2012

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Published on: 24 Sep 2012