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Research Roundup - Dr Kerrie Doyle

Social inclusion on the agenda at the Rural Clinical School

Dr Kerrie Doyle during her presentation at the Rural Clinical School

Dr Kerrie Doyle

Assistant Professor for Indigenous Health, University of Canberra; Research PhD student, National Centre for Indigenous Studies


UTAS Rural Clinical School was delighted to host visiting academic Dr Kerrie Doyle, who gave a presentation titled “Social Inclusion: the forgotten determinant of Aboriginal Mental Health"

Dr Doyle is currently the Assistant Professor for Indigenous Health at the University of Canberra, and a research PhD student at the National Centre for Indigenous Studies with Professor Mick Dodson. 

Dr Doyle illustrated the link between social inclusion and mental health issues amongst aboriginal populations in both Australia and New Zealand, using Tajfel’s social psychology model to show the correlations between identity, cultural connectedness, and social and emotional well-being.

Dr Doyle stated that the World Health Organisation report on the social determinants of health includes social inclusion as one of the 12 major drivers of good mental health.

“Like all post-colonial people, Aboriginal people suffer from exponential deep exclusion, not only from non-Aboriginal society, but with and between Aboriginal communities. This in part explains family, community and interpersonal violence. One of the major push/pull factors is identity conflict, arising from colourism and notions of authenticity” said Dr Doyle.

Biography for Dr Kerrie Doyle

Aunty Kerrie is a mission-born Aboriginal woman. She grew up on Darkingjung country. Her father was a well-known Aboriginal artist, and her mother was one of the first AEAs in primary school settings.

She has lived and worked all over Australia in various academic and health executive roles. She has worked for the WHO as a nurse consultant in the Middle East on models of mental health and health management. Her awards include a Charles Perkins Touring Student Scholarship (Oxford/Cambridge); an AIATSIS grant; the Endeavour Fellowship; a University of Melbourne Indigenous Research Scholarship; and she has also been a Finalist in the National Indigenous Alumni Award (University of Newcastle, Wollatuka).

She is married to Papa Ron, a chiefly Maori. They have 3 sons and an emeritus poodle. They await grannies, but hope is fading fast…

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Dr Kerrie Doyle recieving gift from Dr Timothy Skinner            Dr Kerrie Doyle, Dr Timothy Skinner and Friends at the Rural Clinical School

Published on: 25 May 2012