Darren Grattidge

Mr Darren Grattidge

Web Technology & Development Officer


Darren Grattidge

Contact Details

Label Detail
Contact Campus Newnham Campus
Building E
Room Reference E008
Telephone +61 3 6324 4038
Fax +61 3 6324 4040
Email darreng@utas.edu.au

General Responsibilities

Darren is responsible for the effective and efficient maintenance of the CRH website and associated sites. He also assists the department in the design and development of web-based materials.

His jobs include designing graphics and artworks for web-based materials, implementing database design and programming, as well as assisting IT staff with systems management and development, planning, documentation and user support and training, he also acts as the department's photographer.

Darren joined the CRH in March 2008.

Research Project/s