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2015 Publications

Research Publications

Journal Articles

  1. Barnett, AP, Hoang, Ha, Stuart, J and Crocombe, LA,  “Non-dental primary care providers’ views on challenges in providing oral  health services and strategies to improve oral health in Australian rural and  remote communities: a qualitative study”, BMJ Open, 5 pp. 1-8. ISSN 2044-6055  (2015) [Refereed Article]
  2. Barnett, T, Hoang, Ha, Cross, M and Bridgman, H, “Interprofessional practice and learning  in a youth mental health service: a case study using network analysis”, Journal  of Interprofessional Care ISSN 1356-1820 (2015) [Refereed Article]
  3. Barrett, A, Terry, DR, Le,  Q and Hoang, H, “Rural community  nurses: Insights into health workforce and health service needs”, The  International Journal of Health, Wellness and Society, 5 (3) pp. 109-120. ISSN  2156-8960 (2015) [Refereed Article]
  4. Bettiol, SS, Rose, TC, Hughes,  CJ and Smith, LA, “Alcohol consumption and Parkinson’s disease risk: A  review of recent findings”, Journal of Parkinson's Disease, 5 pp. 425-442. ISSN  1877-7171 (2015) [Refereed Article]
  5. Cheek, CG, Fleming, T, Lucassen, MFG, Bridgman, H, Stasiak, K, Shepherd, M and Orpin, P, “Integrating health behaviour theory and design elements  in serious games”, JMIR Mental Health, 2 (2) pp. 1-21. ISSN   2368-7959 (2015) [Refereed Article]
  6. Cleland, V, Hughes, C,  Thornton, L, Venn, A, Squibb, K and Ball, K, “A qualitative study of  environmental factors important for physical activity in rural adults”, PL o S  One, 10 (11) Article e0140659. ISSN 1932-6203 (2015) [Refereed Article]
  7. Cleland, V and Hughes,  C and Thornton, L and Squibb, K and Venn, A and Ball, K, “Environmental  barriers and enablers to physical activity participation among rural adults: A  qualitative study”, Health Promotion Journal of Australia, 26 (2) pp. 99-104.  ISSN 1036-1073 (2015) [Refereed Article]
  8. Crocombe, LA,  Kraatz, J, Hoang, Ha, Qin, D and Godwin, D, “Costly chronic diseases: A  retrospective analysis of Chronic Disease Dental Scheme expenditure”,  Australian Health Review pp. 1-5. ISSN 1449-8944 (2015) [Refereed Article]
  9. Crocombe, LA,  Brennan, DS, and Slade, GD, “Does lower lifetime fluoridation exposure explain  why people outside capital cities have poor clinical oral health?” Australian  Dental Journal pp. 1-21, ISSN 0045-0421 (2015) [Refereed Article]
  10. Cummings, EA, Ellis, L, Tin, E, Boyer, K and Orpin, P,  “Trialling an electronic decision aid for policy developers to support ageing  well”, Studies in Health Technology and Informatics, 208 pp. 114-118. ISSN  0926-9630 (2015) [Refereed Article]
  11. Gray, K, Choo, D, Butler-Henderson, K, Whetton, S and Maeder, A, “Health informatics and e-health  curriculum for clinical health profession degrees”, Studies in Health  Technology and Informatics, 214 pp. 68-73. ISSN 0926- 9630 (2015) [Refereed  Article]
  12. Jaffray,  L, Bridgman,  H, Stephens,  M and   Skinner,  T,  “Evaluating   the effects  of  mindfulness-based  interventions   for  informal  palliative   caregivers:  A systematic literature  review”, Palliative Medicine: A Multiprofessional Journal pp. 1- 15. ISSN  1477-030X (2015) [Refereed Article]
  13. Le, Q, Nguyen, HB, Terry, DR, Dieters, S, Auckland, S and Long, G, “Quantifying  and visualizing access to healthy food in a rural area of Australia: A spatial  analysis”, Food Security: the science, sociology and economics of food  production and access to food, 7 (5) pp. 1017-1029. ISSN 1876-4517 (2015)  [Refereed Article]
  14. Le, Q, Auckland, S, Nguyen, HB, and Terry, DR, “The perceptions of community change  through promoting positive sexual health: A teenage pregnancy program  evaluation”, Universal Journal of Public Health, 3 (2) pp. 55-64. ISSN  2331-8880 (2015) [Refereed Article]
  15. Le, Q, Auckland, S, Nguyen, HB, Murray, SL, Long, G, and Terry, DR, “The socio-economic  and physical contributors to food insecurity in a rural community”, Sage Open,  5 (1) pp. 1-21. ISSN 2158-2440 (2015) [Refereed Article]
  16. Marathe,   JA,  Woodroffe,  J, Ogden, K, and Hughes, CJ,   “General Practitioners’  knowledge   and  use  of   genetic  counselling  in   managing  patients with  genetic   cardiac  disease  in   non-specialised  settings”,  Journal   of  Community Genetics, 6 (4) pp.  375–382. ISSN 1868-310X (2015) [Refereed Article]
  17. Mullholland, P, Barnett, T and Woodroffe, J, “Critical Incident Technique – A useful method for  the paramedic researcher’s toolkit”, Australasian Journal of Paramedicine, 12  (3) Article 2. ISSN 2202-7270 (2015) [Refereed Article]
  18. Spencer, J.,  Woodroffe, J., Cross, M., and Allen, P, A golden opportunity’’: Exploring  interprofessional learning and practice in rural clinical settings, Journal of  Interprofessional Care 29 (4) pp. 389-391. doi:10.3109/13561820.2014.970250  ISSN 1356-1820 (2015) [Refereed Article]
  19. Spiers, MC, and Harris,  M, “Challenges to student transition in allied health undergraduate  education in the Australian rural and remote context: A synthesis of barriers  and enablers”, Rural and Remote Health 15  (2) pp. 1-17, ISSN 1445-6354 (2015) [Refereed Article]
  20. Terry, DR, Le, Q,  Nguyen, U, and Hoang, Ha,  “Workplace health and safety issues among community nurses: A study regarding  the impact on providing care to rural consumers”, BMJ Open ISSN 2044-6055  (2015) [Refereed Article]
  21. Terry, DR and Le, Q,  “Challenges of working and living in a new cultural environment: A snapshot of  international medical graduates in rural Tasmania”, Australian Journal of Rural  Health pp. 1-5. ISSN 1038-5282 (2015) [Refereed Article]
  22. Terry, DR and Le, Q,  “The Anglo-Celtic construction of national identity in Australia and the  acculturation of the ‘other’ doctors”, International Journal of Innovative  Interdisciplinary Research, 2 (4) pp. 62-76. ISSN 1839-9053 (2015) [Refereed  Article]
  23. To, T, Le, Q and  Le, T, “Applying Halliday's linguistic theory in qualitative data analysis”,  Qualitative Research Journal, 15 (2) pp. 135 - 146. ISSN 1448-0980 (2015)  [Refereed Article]
  24. Whetton, S and Hazlitt, C, “Educating the health  informatics professional: The impact of an academic program”, Studies in Health  Technology and Informatics, 214 pp. 159-66. ISSN 0926-9630 (2015) [Refereed  Article]
  25. Williams, AD, Bird, ML, King, SG and Kirschbaum, M and Ogden, K, “Exercise for preventing falls in  people with cancer living in the community”, The Cochrane Library (5) pp. 1-9.  ISSN 1465-1858 (2015) [Refereed Article]
  26. Yeoh, JSW, Terry,  DR, Le, Q and McManamey, R, “Effective strategies adopted by migrants to improve  food security in Tasmania”, Food Studies, 4 pp.   1- 13. ISSN 2160-1933 (2015) [Refereed Article]
  27. Yeoh, JSW, Le, Q and McManamey, RM, “Factors  affecting migrants’ food security in Tasmania: A mixed methods study”, Journal  of Food Security, 3 (4) pp. 94-98. ISSN 1876-4517 (2015) [Refereed Article]
  28. Yeoh, JSW, Le, Q, Terry, DR and McManamey, RM,  “Having enough cultural food? A qualitative exploration of the experiences of  migrants in a regional area of Australia”, Journal of Food Research, 4 (2) pp.  16-26. ISSN 1927- 0887 (2015) [Refereed Article]

Edited Book

Fan, S and Le, T and Le,  Q (ed), Linguistics and language education in new horizons: The link  between theory, research and pedagogy, Nova Science Publishers, New York, pp.  508. ISBN 978-1-63482-843-7 (2015)

Chapter in a Book

  1. Doan, T and Le, Q, “Health literacy: Perspective of  Vietnamese students in Australia”, Linguistics and  language   education  in  new   horizons:  The  link   between theory, research and pedagogy, Nova Publishers, S Fan, T le  & Q Le (ed), New York, pp. 257-264. ISBN 978-1-63482-843-7 (2015) [Research  Book Chapter]
  2. Nguyen, HB,  “Language learning strategy: Concept and implications”, Linguistics and  language education in new horizons: The link   between  theory,  research   and pedagogy, Nova Publishers, S Fan, T le & Q Le (ed), New York,  pp. 295-303. ISBN 978-1-63482-843-7 (2015) [Research Book Chapter]
  3. To, V, Fan, S and Le,  Q, “Different perspectives on linguistic complexity”, Linguistics and  language    education in new horizons:  The link between theory, research and pedagogy, Nova Publishers, S Fan, T le  & Q Le (ed), New York, pp. 113-127. ISBN 978-1-63482-843-7 (2015) [Research  Book Chapter]
  4. To, V and Fan, S and Le,  Q, “Teaching translation: A functional linguistics perspective”, Linguistics  and language education in new horizons: The link between theory, research and  pedagogy, Nova Publishers, S Fan, T le & Q Le (ed), New York, pp. 369-375.  ISBN 978-1-63482-843-7 (2015) [Research Book Chapter]
  5. Terry, D, Yeoh, JSW and Terry, M, “Language, ideology  and identity: Education implications for Afghanistan”, Linguistics and language  education in new horizons: The link between theory, research and pedagogy, Nova  Publishers, S Fan, T le & Q Le (ed), New York, pp. 101-112. ISBN  978-1-63482-843-7 (2015) [Research Book Chapter]
  6. Wang, Y and Le, Q,  “Teaching for intercultural awareness through language classroom  practice   and  beyond”,  Linguistics   and  language  education   in  new horizons: The link between  theory, research and pedagogy, Nova Publishers, S Fan, T le & Q Le (ed),  New York, pp. 211-218. ISBN 978-1-63482-843-7 (2015) [Research Book Chapter]
  7. Yeoh, JSW, Terry,  D, and Terry, M, “Vocabulary  teaching, learning and as a social practice”, Linguistics and language  education   in  new  horizons:   The  link between theory, research  and pedagogy, Nova Publishers, S Fan, T le & Q Le (ed), New York, pp.  219-231. ISBN 978-1-63482-843-7 (2015) [Research Book Chapter]

Conference Publication

  1. Auckland, SRJ,  Murray, SL, Saunders, C, King, AC,  Reid, D, and Long, Gretchen, “Agricultural sectors and primary school students  find a common ground: building a resilient local food system in rural  Tasmania”, 13th National Rural Health Conference, 24-27 May, 2015,  Darwin, Australia. [Conference  Extract]
  2. Barnett, AP, Hoang, Ha and Stuart, J, “Dental care in small remote towns in Queensland”,  International Association of Dental Research Australia and New Zealand Branch  55th Annual Scientific Meeting, 23-26 August, 2015, Dunedin, NZ, pp.  39. [Conference Extract]
  3. Boyer, K, Hughes, C and Edmondson, P, “From  divisions to Medicare Locals to PHNs in Tasmania”, 13th National Rural Health  Conference, 24-27 May, 2015, Darwin, Australia ISBN 978-1-921219-26-9. [Conference  Extract]
  4. Bridgman, H,  Cheek, CG and Cross, K, “'We need to know what’s out there!': The use of social  networking analysis to describe referral pathways for youth with mental health  problems in rural Tasmania”, International Mental Health Congress, 28-30 April,  2015, Lille, France. [Conference  Extract]
  5. Bridgman,  H, Stephens,  MJ   and  Dean,  T,   “Psychology  training  for   rural Tasmania:  Process,  progress   and  potential!”, Allied Health  Professional Symposium, 20   November,  2015,  Launceston, Tasmania. [Conference Extract]
  6. Chidarikire, S, Bridgman,  H, Lees, DB, Smith, AV and Kevan, KJ, “Recovery Camp Tasmania: A novel way  of enhancing experiential learning opportunities for students of health  disciplines”, University of Tasmania Teaching Matters Conference, 2 December  2015, Hobart, Tasmania. [Conference  Extract]
  7. Godwin, D, Hoang, Ha and Crocombe, LA, “Recruitment and  retention of dental practitioners in rural Australia: Views of dental  practitioners”, Population Health Congress, 6-9 September, 2015, Hobart,  Tasmania. [Plenary  Presentation]
  8. Harris, M,  “Spaces between places”, 13th National Rural Health Conference, 24-27 May 2015,  Darwin, Northern Territory. [Non  Refereed Conference Paper]
  9. Hoang, Ha, Barnett, AP, Stuart, J, Crocombe, LA and Page, SJ, “Primary care  providers' strategies on how to fix the oral health crisis in the bush”,  Population Health Congress, 6-9 September, 2015, Hobart, Tasmania. [Plenary Presentation]
  10. Isham, A,  Bettiol, SS, Hoang, Ha and Crocombe, LA, “Information-seeking  behaviours of dentists: A systematic review”, Population Health Congress, 6-9  September, 2015, Hobart, Tasmania. [Conference Extract]
  11. King, AC, Woodroffe, J and Orpin, P, “'Finding our feet': Walking interviews for qualitative  inquiry with older adults”, Poster abstracts of the 2015 Qualitative Methods  Conference, 28 - 30 April, 2015, Melbourne, Australia, pp. 13. [Conference Extract]
  12. Le, Q, Le, DVA,  Terry, DR and Nguyen, HB,  “Patient-Held Logbooks for Cancer Care Treatment at a Rural Hospital: A  Contribution to Patient-Centred Social Practice”, 31st International Congress  on Occupational Health, 4-8 March, 2015, Taipei, Taiwan. [Conference Extract]
  13. Le,  Q, Auckland,  SRJ, Nguyen,  HB, Murray,  SL   and  Long,  G,   “The socio-economic  and  Geographic   contributors”,  112th  Asian Congress, 14-18  May,  2015,   Yokohama, Japan. [Conference  Extract]
  14. Mendoza, J and Harris,  MW, “Not if, but how: Suicide prevention in schools”, Suicide Prevention  Conference, 26- 29 July, 2015, Hobart, Tasmania. [Conference Extract]
    Mercer, JR, Ogden, K, Woodroffe,  JJ and Rossetto, G, “‘Food for thought’: Innovation  and   improvement  as  the   basis  for  delivering   a  multidisciplinary obesity  healthcare   intervention”,  International  Conference on Health System Innovation, 18-   20  March  2015,   Hobart,  Tasmania. [Conference Extract]
  15. Murray, SL,  Auckland, SRJ, Saunders, C and King, AC, “Growing Tasmania’s emerging  local food economy”, Agrifood Research Network Conference, 6-9 December, 2015,  Queenstown, New Zealand. [Conference  Extract]
  16. Natasha, N, Isham, A, Crocombe, LA and Bettiol, SS,  “Mercury exposure and health of dental personnel”, Population Health Congress,  6-9 September, 2015, Hobart, Tasmania. [Conference Extract]
  17. Ogden, K, Woodroffe,  JJ and Rooney, KF, “Building capacity for interprofessional learning in  clinical placements: Reflections on developing an evidence base for learning,  teaching and collaborative research”, Sixth International Clinical Skills  Conference, 17-20 May, 2015, Prato, Italy. [Conference Extract]
  18. Orpin, P, Boyer, K, King, AC, Walker, J and  Carroll, M, and Davidson, B, “Better policies, better research: Does critical  thinking provide the answer?”, 2015 Primary Healthcare Research, 29-31 July  2015, Adelaide Convention Centre, Australia, pp. 48. [Conference Extract]
  19. Orpin, P, Boyer, K, Carroll, K, Van Der Ploeg, WJ and Walker, J,  “Evidence in Policy and Practice:    Supporting   critical   thinking    within   the development process”,  International Research Society for Public Management Conference, 30 March - 1st  April, 2015, Birmingham, United Kingdom. [Conference Extract]
  20. Orpin,  P, Van   Der  Ploeg,  WJ, Walker,  J, Boyer,  K and  Carroll,  M, “Supporting rural ageing well: how  important is the rural?”, 13th National Rural Health Conference, 24  – 27 May 2015, Darwin Northern Territory.  [Conference Extract]
  21. Van Der Ploeg, WJ,  Elmer, SL, King, SG and Williams, AD, “An exercise in health literacy:  Fostering the health literacy of clients attending an exercise clinic”,  Sustainable Healthcare Trans-formation Conference, 18-20 March, 2015, Hobart,  Tasmania. [Conference Extract]
  22. Yeoh, JSW, Le, Q and McManamey, RM, “Food security of migrants in a regional area of  Australia: A qualitative study”, 12th Asian Congress of Nutrition, May 2015,  Yokohama, Japan. [Conference  Extract]

Contract Report/ Consultants Report

  1. Auckland, S,  Wild, AL, Woodroffe, JJ and Eyles, KJ, Kentish Community Health Needs  Assessment Project, University of Tasmania Centre for Rural Health with Kentish  Council and Medicare Local Tasmania, Tasmania (2015) [Contract Report]
  2. Auckland, SRJ, King, AC, Woodroffe, JJ and Whetton, SG, Report of Assessment of St  Vincent de Paul Retail Outlets, Centre for Rural Health, University of  Tasmania, Tasmania (2015) [Contract Report]
  3. Auckland, SRJ, Murray,  SL, Saunders, C and King, AC,  “Tasmanian Local Food Supply Project”, Tasmanian Local Food Supply Project,  School of Health Sciences, University of Tasmania, Tasmania (2015) [Report]
  4. Harris, MW, “On  the Line”, LIFE Workshop Series, Melbourne, Australia (2015) [Report]
  5. Le, Q and Terry,  DR, Building an inclusive and interactive bridge between Deaf people, local  communities and organisations in Tasmania, University of Tasmania, Launceston,  Tasmania (2015) [Contract Report]
  6. Murray, SL, Ahuja, K, Auckland,  S and Ball, M, “Tasmanian Healthy Food Access Basket (HFAB) Survey”, Final  Report Availability, Cost and Affordability of a Basket of Healthy Food in  Tasmania September 2014, School of Health Sciences, University of Tasmania,  Tasmania (2015) [Report]
  7. Ogden, K, Woodroffe,  J and Mercer, J, “'Food for Thought' Implementation & development of a  new interdisciplinary clinical pathway for obesity management in   Tasmania:    A   Demonstration   Project    of   the   vTAHSP”,    'Food   for   Thought' Implementation & development of  a new interdisciplinary clinical pathway for obesity management in Tasmania: A  Demonstration Project of the vTAHSP, University of Tasmania, Tasmania (2015)  [Government or Industry Research]
  8. Woodroffe, JJ and  Ogden, K, “Final Report, Local Innovations Fund, Building Capacity for  Undergraduate Inter-Professional Learning in the  Northern Integrated  Care   Service  (NICS)”,  Final   Report,  Local  Innovations   Fund,    Building Capacity for  Undergraduate Inter-Professional Learning in the Northern Integrated Care  Service (NICS), Launceston Clinical School, University of Tasmania, Tasmania  (2015) [Government or Industry Research]


  1. Bridgman, H,  “Media interview with Heather Bridgman and Rosemary Grant - the Rural Reporter,  ABC Radio North regarding the Rural Art Roadshow: Promoting Positive Mental  Health in Rural communities”, ABC Radio North, Australia, 17/11/15 (2015)  [Media Interview]
  2. Bridgman, H,  “Promoting Positive Mental Health in Rural Communities”, Online, 27/11/15  (2015) [Media Interview]