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2016 Publications

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Research Publications

Journal Articles

  1. Anderson,  R and Gratwick-Sarll, K and Bentley, C and Harrison, C and Mond, J, “Adolescents’ perception of the severity of binge eating disorder:  a population-based study”, Journal of Mental Health, 25 (1) pp.  16-22. doi:10.3109/09638237.2015.1057329 ISSN 0963-8237 (2016)
  2. Babo  Soares, L and Allen, PL and Kingi, J and Roberts-Thomson, K  and Bettiol, S and Crocombe, L, “Changes in the oral health of the  children of Dili, Timor Leste, between 2002 and 2014”, Rural and Remote  Health, 16 (4) Article 3853. ISSN 1445-6354 (2016)
  3. Babo Soares, L and  Bettiol, SS and Dalla-Fontana, IJ and Allen, P and Crocombe, LA, “Opportunities  in oral health policy for Timor-Leste”, WHO  South-East Asia Journal of Public Health, 5 (2) pp. 164-173. ISSN 2224-3151  (2016)
  4. Babo Soares, LF  and Allen, P and Bettiol, SS and Crocombe,  L, “The Association  of Socioeconomic Status and Dental Caries Experience in Children  in Dili, Timor-Leste”, Asia-Pacific Journal of Public Health ISSN 1010-5395  (2016)
  5. Barnett, T and Hoang, Ha and  Furlan, A, “An analysis of the readability  characteristics of oral health information literature available to the  public in Tasmania, Australia”, BMC Oral Health, 16 (35) pp. 1-11. ISSN  1472-6831 (2016)
  6. Barrett,  A and Terry, D and Le, Q and Hoang,  Ha, “Factors influencing community  nursing roles and health service provision in rural areas: A review  of literature”, Contemporary Nurse, 52 (1) pp. 119-135. ISSN 1839-3535  (2016)
  7. Barnett, T and Hoang, Ha and Stuart, J and Crocombe, L, ““Sorry, I’m  not a dentist”: perspectives of rural GPs on oral health in the bush”, Medical  Journal of Australia, 204 (1) pp. 26.e1-26.e6. ISSN 0025-729X (2016)
  8. Betihavas,  V and Bridgman, H and Kornhaber, RA and Cross,  M, “The evidence  for ‘flipping out’: A systematic review of the flipped classroom in  nursing education”, Nurse Education Today, 38 pp. 15-21. ISSN 0260-6917  (2016)
  9. Cox, T, “Caregivers  reflecting on the early days of childhood cancer”, European  Journal of Cancer Care pp. 1-10. ISSN 0961-5423 (2016)
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  11. Edwards,  H and Speight, J and Bridgman, H and Skinner, TC, “The pregnancy  journey for women with type 1 diabetes: a qualitative model from  contemplation to motherhood”, Practical Diabetes, 33 (6) pp. 1-7. ISSN 2047-2897  (2016)
  12. Gall,  K and van Zutven, K and Lindstrom, J and Bentley, C and Gratwick-Sarl,  K and Harrison, C* and Lewis, V and Mond,  J, “Obesity  and Emotional Well-Being in Adolescents: Roles of Body Dissatisfaction,  Loss of Control Eating, and Self-Rated Health”, Obesity, 24  (4) pp. 837-842. doi:10.1002/oby.21428 ISSN 1930-7381 (2016)
  13. Godwin, D and Hoang, Ha and Crocombe, LA, “Views  of Australian dental  practitioners towards rural recruitment and retention: a descriptive  study”, BMC Oral Health, 16 (63) ISSN 1472-6831 (2016)
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  15. Ha,  DH and Crocombe, LA and Meija, GC, “Clinical oral health of Australia’s  rural children in a sample attending school dental services”, The  Australian Journal of Rural Health, 22 (6) pp. 16-22. ISSN 1038- 5282  (2016)
  16. Harris, MW and Barnett, T and Bridgman, H, “Rural  Art Roadshow: a  travelling art exhibition to promote mental health in rural and remote communities”,  Arts & Health ISSN 1753-3015 (2016)
  17. Isham,  A and Bettiol, SS and Hoang, Ha and Crocombe,  LA, “A Systematic  Literature Review of the Information-Seeking Behavior of Dentists  in Developed Countries”, Journal of Dental Education, 80 (5)  pp. 569-577. ISSN 0022-0337 (2016)
  18. Kerr,  C and Shields, N and Quarmby, L and Roberts, K and Imms, C,  ‘Best Service at the Best Time’ group, “Supports and barriers to implementation  of routine clinical assessment for children with cerebral palsy:  A mixed-methods study”, Journal of Family Therapy pp. 1-10. ISSN  0163-4445 (2016)
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  23. Kirschbaum, M and  Khalil, H and Taylor, S and Page, AT, “Pharmacy students’  rural career intentions: Perspectives on rural background and placements”,  Currents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning, 8 (5) pp. 615-621.  ISSN 1877-1297 (2016)
  24. Kornhaber,  R and Cross, M and Betihavas, V and Bridgman,  H, “The benefits  and challenges of academic writing retreats: an integrative review”,  Higher Education Research and Development, 35 Article 6. ISSN  0729-4360 (2016)
  25. Kornhaber,  RA and Bridgman, H and McLean, L and Vandervord, J,  “The role of resilience in the recovery of the burn injured patient: an integrative  review”, Chronic Wound Care Management and Research, 3 pp.  41-50. ISSN 2324-481X (2016)
  26. Kraatz,  J and Hoang, Ha and Ivanovski, S and Crocombe,  LA, “Non- Clinical  Factors Associated with Referral to Periodontal Specialists: A Systematic  Review”, Journal of Periodontology pp. 1-15. ISSN 0022- 3492  (2016)
  27. Loudon,  A and Barnett, T and Piller, N and Immink, MA and Visentin, D  and Williams, AD, “The effects of yoga on shoulder and spinal actions  for women with breast cancer-related lymphoedema of the arm:  A randomised controlled pilot study”, BMC Complementary and Alternative  Medicine, 16 Article 343. ISSN 1472-6882 (2016)
  28. McLean,  SA and Paxton, SJ and Massey, R and Hay, PJ and Mond,JM and Rodgers, B, “Identifying  Persuasive Public Health Messages to Change  Community Knowledge and Attitudes About Bulimia Nervosa”, Journal  of Health Communication, 21 (2) pp. 178-87. doi:10.1080/1081 0730.2015.1049309  ISSN 1081-0730 (2016)
  29. Marsh, P, “Postcolonial  longing on the Australian cinematic frontier”, Ilha  do Desterro, 69 (2) ISSN 0101-4846 (2016)
  30. Marsh P, Spinaze A, ‘Community  gardens as sites of solace and end-of-life  support: a literature review’, International Journal of Palliative Nursing,  22, (5) pp. 214-219. ISSN 1357-6321 (2016) [Refereed Article]
  31. Murray,  SB and Griffiths, S and Hazery, L and Shen, T* and Wooldridge, T*  and Mond, JM, “Go big or go home: A thematic content analysis of pro-muscularity  websites”, Body image, 16 pp. 17-20. doi:10.1016/j. bodyim.2015.10.002  ISSN 1740-1445 (2016)
  32. Nagpal,  N and Bettiol, SS and Isham, A and Hoang,  Ha and Crocombe, LA, “A  review of mercury exposure and health of dental personnel”,  Safety and Health at Work ISSN 2093-7911 (2016)
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  34. Probst,  Y and Guan, V and Kent, K, “A systematic review of food  composition tools used for determining dietary polyphenol intake  in estimated intake studies”, Food Chemistry doi:10.1016/j. foodchem.2016.11.010  ISSN 0308-8146 (2016)
  35. Terry,  DR and Le, Q and Nguyen, HB, “Moving forward with dignity: Exploring  health awareness in an isolated Deaf community of Australia”, Disability  and Health Journal, 9 (2) pp. 281–288. ISSN 1936-6574 (2016)
  36. Wagner,  AF and Stefano, EC and Cicero, DC and Latner, JD and Mond,JM, “Eating disorder  features and quality of life: Does gender matter?”, Quality  of Life Research, 25 (10) pp. 2603-10. doi:10.1007/s11136- 016-1283-9 ISSN  0962-9343 (2016)

Journal Article Other

  1. Pierce, D and Little, F and Bennett-Levy, J and Isaacs, AN and Bridgman, H and Lutkin, SJ and Carey, TA and Schlicht, KG and McCabe-Gusta, ZP and Martin, E and Martinez, LA, “Mental health academics in rural and remote Australia”, Rural and Remote Health,  16 (3) Article 3793. ISSN 1445-6354 (2016)
  2. Boyer, K and Orpin, P and King, AC, “‘I  come for the friendship’: Why social eating matters”, Australasian Journal on Ageing ISSN  1440-6381 (2016)
  3. Godwin, D and Hoang, Ha and Blizzard, Leigh and Crocombe,LA, “An oversupply of dentists: what it means for the rural dental workforce”, News bulletin of the Australian Dental Association Incorporated (June, 2016) pp. 46-47. ISSN 0810-7440 (2016)
  4. Loudon, A and Barnett, AP and  Piller, N* and Immink, MA* and Williams, AD, “Response to yoga protocol for treatment of breast cancer related lymphedema”, International Journal of Yoga, 10 pp. 50-1. ISSN 0973-6131 (2016)

Book Chapter

To, V and Fan, S and Le, Q, “Research Writing: A  Systemic Functional Linguistics Perspective”, What is Next in Educational Research?,  Sense Publishers, S Fan, J Fielding-Wells (ed), The Netherlands, pp.  341-352. ISBN 9789463005227 (2016)

Conference Publications

  1. Auckland, SRJ, “Building the capacity of Practitioners to  support people impacted by inter- generational poverty - An evaluative  study of the Bridges Out of Poverty Workshop program in Tasmania”,  Australian Long-Term Unemployment Conference, 1-2 December, 2016, Brisbane, Australia (2016)
  2. Auckland, SRJ and Woodroffe, JJ and King, AC and Whetton, SG, “Sustaining rural communities – A case study of the benefits of  charity retail outlets in rural Tasmania”, 2016 SARRAH Conference, 27- 29 October, 2016, Port Lincoln, South Australia (2016)
  3. Auckland, SRJ, “Evaluating the Bridges Out of Poverty  workshop program”, 2016 TasCOSS Conference, 23-24 November, 2016, Hobart, Tasmania (2016)
  4. Bridgman, H and Smith, AV and Salter, V* and Lees, DB and Taylor, E* and Moxham, L, “Student Perspectives of recovery camp Tasmania: An Experiential Learning Opportunity for Students of Health  Disciplines and Mental Health Consumers”, 2 - 4 November, 2016, Kingscliffe,  Australia (2016)
  5. Ennever, E and Cross, M and Marlow, A, “Virtual  orientation: Helping WIL students “belong””, Australian Collaborative Education (ACEN) 2016 National Conference, WIL 2020 Pushing the Boundaries, 28-30 September, Sydney, Australia, pp. 151. (2016)
  6. Crocombe, LA, “Changing the dental treatment paradigm”,  April 2016, Burnie, Tasmania (2016)
  7. Crocombe, LA and Babo Soares, L and Bettiol, SS and Dalla- Fontana, I* and Allen, PL, “Oral health policy opportunities for  Timor- Leste”, 2016 Primary Health Care Research Conference, 8-9 June, 2016, Canberra, Australia (2016)
  8. Crocombe, LA, “The worsening crisis in aged care oral health”,  ANMF / HERC 2016 Aged Care Conference, 13 May, 2016, Hobart, Tasmania (2016)
  9. Crocombe, LA, “Why is oral health poor in the bush?”, 10-12 November,  2016, Hobart, Tasmania (2016)
  10. Godwin, D, “Key factors that influence the Australian rural dental workforce”, 5th Rural and Remote Health Scientific Symposium, 6-7 September, Canberra, Old Parliament House (2016)
  11. Hoang, Ha, “Better Oral Health in Residential Care Training: Experience from Tasmania”, Rural Health Research Symposium, 26-27 April,  2016, Burnie, Tasmania (2016)
  12. Hoang, Ha, “Oral health in the bush – the primary care networks study”, Rural Health Research Symposium, 26-27 April, 2016,  Burnie, Tasmania (2016)
  13. Kent, K and Charlton, KE*, “Development and relative validation of a food frequency questionnaire to measure flavonoid intake in  older adults”, Nutrition Society of Australia Annual Scientific Meeting,  29 November - 2 December, 2016, Melbourne, Australia (2016)
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  15. Lee, SM and Bridgman, H and Barnett, T and  Elphinstone, KS, “A telephone-based peer support service for Tasmanians living with or affected by epilepsy”, Inglis Clark Symposium: Engaging with  Impact, 21 April, 2016, Launceston, Tasmania (2016)
  16. MacKean, R, “Adapting to Ageing: The Role of Peer-run Groups”, Australian Association of Gerontology 49th annual conference, 2-4 November, Canberra (2016)
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Contract Report

  1. Adams, D and Auckland, S and  Galvin, L and Hiscock, K and Mangan, G and Murray, S, “Submission to the Healthy Tasmania”,  Heart Foundation, Tasmania (2016)
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