FSP Tasmanian International Scholarship (TIS)

New October 2017 FSP Semester!

The Tasmanian International Scholarship (TIS) provides international students who have received an Offer to commence the Foundation Studies program in 2017, packaged with a degree program commencing in semester 2, 2018 with a 25% reduction in their registered tuition fees for the duration of their Foundation Studies Program (provided satisfactory grades are maintained).

Applicants are automatically assessed for this scholarship at the time of submitting their International Student Online Application.


Selection for this scholarship will be based on high achievement in previous overseas studies.

Successful TIS recipients will find inside their Offer details of the Scholarship terms and conditions. Students should read their scholarship offer carefully.

TIS recipients who are offered any other tuition fee scholarship or bursary cannot retain more than one tuition fee scholarship; the scholarship with the highest value would be the recommended scholarship to accept.

Please note that this scholarship is only available to 2017 Foundation Studies Program commencing students.

Ongoing Eligibility

All Foundation Studies Program TIS recipients must achieve a 'Distinction' result in all individual units enrolled in at the end of the first semester of study to remain eligible to retain the TIS award.

Examination results are assessed at the end of the first semester of study by the Scholarships Selection Committee to determine ongoing eligibility. Recipients who do not meet ongoing eligibility will be notified by email.

Please note that international students who become a citizen of Australia, Permanent Resident or change from a student visa to a Protection Visa or Permanent Humanitarian Visa, and who have been awarded the Tasmanian International Scholarship (TIS) or any other international tuition fee scholarship or bursary, will become ineligible to retain the award from commencement of their next enrolment period onwards.


Applicants are assessed automatically for the TIS upon submission of their International Student Online Application, there is no need to apply separately, nor do recipients need to apply for ongoing eligibility.

Enquiries should be directed to International Scholarships.