Scholarships Program

Welcome to the University of Tasmania Scholarships program

Applications for the mid-year award round are scheduled to open in the first week of May.

To check for any awards which are currently open for application, please go to the Scholarships A-Z Listing link below.

  • Main application period - Applications for most awards commencing in Semester 1 open at the beginning of August and close strictly on 31 October in the year prior. (An exception to this is scholarships for current engineering students, which are open in our mid-year intake of May-June in the year prior.)
  • Mid-year applications - Applications for payment commencing in Semester 2 open in early May and close strictly on 30 June each year.
  • Application status - To check the status of any award available through our program throughout the year, go to our 'A-Z Listing' (web link below). Please note that awards which close on 31 October will remain on our website until applications re-open in the following August in order to promote our generous donors.

For high achievers, the University of Tasmania is pleased to offer a new suite of Outstanding Academic Achievement Scholarships.

The majority of the funding for our scholarships and bursaries is provided by donations made through the University of Tasmania Foundation. Please note that not all scholarships are administered by our program. It may be worthwhile checking with your course coordinator or, for information on some external scholarships, refer to other scholarships.