Other Degree Scholarship Opportunities

The University of Tasmania is pleased to offer a number of speciality scholarships to international students from a range of countries as shown below in encouragement of their academic studies in Tasmania.

In recognition of the University of Tasmania's sponsorship arrangement with world-renowned cricket superstar Kumar Sangakkara, the University is providing up to 25 scholarships for eligible Sri Lankan nationals to undertake undergraduate or postgraduate studies at the University of Tasmania until 31 August this year irrespective of intake.  


The merit based scholarships will be awarded on a ‘first-come, first-served basis’ to eligible Sri Lankan students who achieve a minimum ‘B’ grade average for undergraduate applicants.  Given different grading systems across institutions post graduate applicants will be assessed on an institutional case-by-case basis.

Please note that if the Kumar Sangakkara Scholarship has already been offered the Tasmanian International 25% Scholarship will not apply.

Ongoing Eligibility

Not applicable.


25% reduction in registered tuition fees for the duration of the course.


Students will automatically be assessed for eligibility to receive this scholarship upon submission of their International Student Online Application. No separate application needs to be submitted. Successful applicants will be advised in their offer letter if they have been awarded the scholarship.


Enquiries should be directed to International Scholarships

Offered by the Indonesian Endowment Fund for Education, this Indonesian Government scholarship is open to high achieving Indonesian students studying Masters or Research courses in the following areas:

  • Marine
  • Maritime
  • Education
  • Health

This is a complete list of courses offered in the disciplines above.

The scholarship covers a range of costs to suit your needs including fees, money and books.

Apply online through LPDP

Receive a relocation bursary to the value of AU$1,000 when you enrol in a University of Tasmania full-fee paying, coursework degree or diploma* that commences in Semester 1, 2017.

The bursary will be paid directly into the student's nominated bank account in the first week after census date in Semester 1, 2017.


  1. Students must accept their offer after 7th November 2016 to meet eligibility requirements for this bursary.
  2. Students must be enrolled in a full-time load, equating to a minimum of four 12.5% units per semester post-census date to receive payment of the bursary.
  3. Students must be commencing their full degree in Semester 1, 2017.

The following are NOT eligible for the relocation bursary

  1. Students who accepted on the 7th of November 2016 or earlier;
  2. Current UTAS international students.
  3. Students connecting via a pathway program delivered by partner institutions.
  4. Student who have already accepted The Tasmanian International Scholarship (TIS), or the Health Sciences Relocation Bursary or Pharmacy Bursary; and
  5. Students enrolling in the following degrees:
    1. Master of Professional Accounting
    2. Master of Professional Accounting (Specialisation)
    3. Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery

Bursary Payments

The AU $1,000 payment is scheduled to be paid in the first week after Semester 1, 2017, census date. To be eligible for the first payment, students must be enrolled past the semester 1, 2017 census date.

Students who qualify for the relocation bursary will be sent a confirmation email soon after semester 1, 2017 census date, which will outline instructions for deposit of funds into their Australian bank account.


As international students are assessed automatically for the Relocation Bursary upon submission of their International Student Online Application, there is no need to apply separately, nor do recipients need to apply for ongoing eligibility.

Enquiries should be directed to International Scholarships.

If you have completed at least one semester of studies at the University of Tasmania, you will be eligible to apply for scholarships available to all continuing students (domestic and international).

Scholarship application opening and closing dates for Semester 1 and Mid-year entry can be found on the Scholarships site.

A full list of scholarships can also be found in the A-Z listing.


If you are completing Years 11 and 12 in Australia and have a tertiary entrance score, you can apply for any of the scholarships below and will be considered alongside domestic applicants. The value of the scholarship will be deducted from the international fees.

Scholarship application opening and closing dates for Semester 1 and Mid-year entry can be found on the Scholarships site.

A full list of scholarships can be found in the A-Z listing.