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UTAS is a world class university that enjoys an enviable reputation for teaching and research locally, nationally and internationally. UTAS offers a diversity of academic disciplines with more than 100 courses and 70 different degrees available in five faculties and three institutes being the faculties of Arts, Education, Health, Law, Science, Engineering & Technology and Tasmanian School of Business & Economics; and Australian Maritime College, Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies(IMAS) and the Menzies Institute for Medical Research.

While the University's activities are international in scope, it also reflects the distinctiveness of Tasmania. The 20,000 students at UTAS enjoy the best of all worlds: excellence in academic teaching and research, and a campus life free from the overcrowding and access difficulties suffered at many larger universities.

Please find below a brief description of options for supporting a scholarship at UTAS. For further information email or phone +61 3 6226 1757.


There are two general terms for awards. A Scholarship is based primarily on academic merit, and a Bursary or Access Scholarship is based on financial need.

When considering setting up an award you are able to discuss the naming of the scholarship, a range of selection criteria and if you would like to be involved in the selection process. A periodic review of the arrangements and your satisfaction will be scheduled to suit your requirements.

Some of the most rewarding examples of organisations that provide scholarships have students in each year of their study, providing ongoing support. This builds a network of current and past students to strengthen the organisation's graduate opportunities and connection with fresh ideas and insights from the next generation.

Endowed or Sponsored

There are two ways to provide a scholarship, either by donating funds to set up an endowment where the income provides the ongoing monies to support the scholarship or by pledging an amount that is provided on an annual basis to support the award.

Endowed scholarships are usually provided through major gifts or through a Bequest or in memory of a loved one. The name of the scholarship is able to be in your own name or in honour of a loved one, for example.

Study Levels

UTAS provides students with the opportunity to gain qualifications from undergraduate level through to PhD and the range of scholarships reflect the diversity of the needs of students throughout their studies. All levels of scholarships are able to be named by the supporter of the scholarship while retaining a description to allow students to identify the level of study.

Elite Scholarships

UTAS provides Elite Research Scholarships for PhD candidates in areas we excel in: the health and medical sciences, natural, physical and applied sciences, as well as business and management, regional development, education and the humanities. Elite Research Scholarships are open to Australian and New Zealand citizens and Australian permanent residents only.

The investment for a qualified supporter is $7,500 per annum with the remainder of the scholarship provided by the University of Tasmania. Elite Research Scholarships are currently valued at $30,000 per annum tax-free, and are available for up to three years.

Therefore the impact of your contribution is quadrupled to ensure the attraction of the best applicants that are pursuing their chosen field of study with vigour.

Honours and Masters Scholarships

An Honours scholarship provides motivated and gifted students the ability to continue their studies beyond the undergraduate level. Masters is also able to be included as a chosen course. Honours involve one year of additional study and a master is generally two years.

Honours and some master's courses provide research training and aim to develop more specialised knowledge in selected areas as well as preparing a student to practise in their chosen career.

The recommended support for Honours scholarships to attract the best students is $5,000 to $10,000 per annum.

Undergraduate Scholarships

The beginning of a chosen career path starts with embarking upon an undergraduate degree. Scholarships are provided to assist the establishment of good study habits through enabling students to focus on coursework instead of financial need. The expectations that accompany a scholarship also ensure that the focus is on excelling rather than just passing.

The recommended support for Undergraduate scholarships is at least $5,000 each year.

Please contact the UTAS Foundation if you would like to discuss supporting a scholarship by email to