How to Apply and Admissions Process

How do I apply?

To apply for the High Achiever Program 2018, you will need to submit an application.

The High Achiever Program applications open in late September and close on 22 December. Supporting documentation will be accepted until mid January and every effort will be made to approve and process applications as early as possible. Please note that late applications will not be accepted.

You will receive written notification of the application outcome by early February 2018. You will need to decide which unit(s) you would like to enrol in. Please consult the section on units offered in 2018 in order to complete the application form.

Please direct all enquiries relating to the High Achiever Program or UTAS College Program to the following email address

HAP applications can also be submitted to

How do we assess applications?

Shortly after the closing date, the admissions committee will review applicants' documentation and, if necessary, contact schools and principals for further information regarding an application. Students will be assessed as to their suitability for their selected unit(s) in accordance with the stipulated pre-requisite or co-requisite TASC/IB subjects.

If the unit is not available, we will contact all applicants and discuss alternative units or the option of withdrawal.

The University will provide written notification of the outcome of your application, whether successful or unsuccessful, by early February 2018.

The decision regarding your application is final. Please direct any queries regarding your application only to Enrolments.

NOTE: If you wish to change units once you have enrolled please contact Enrolments at the University of Tasmania and identify yourself as a HAP student. You must not change your enrolment online.

How will I be enrolled?

In order to enrol in a HAP unit, the University will first enrol you in a course. The HAP unit will be enrolled under that course.

From 2017, HAP students will be enrolled into the new X1P Diploma of Philosophy.

The Diploma of Philosophy provides an entry award for students for high achieving and academically gifted students. The Diploma of Philosophy exists within the Bachelor of Philosophy (BPhil) suite of courses and is specifically designed for academically high achieving and gifted students to undertake study in addition to their principal degree. The Diploma can also provide entry into Bachelor level study, however specific units may need to be completed for articulation. 

Successfully completed HAP units may be credited to a relevant degree (e.g. Bachelor Degree) when the student enrols at the University of Tasmania.

Credit can be used for successful completed HAP units studied within the Diploma of Philosophy in most Bachelor Degrees.

What happens after Year 12?

Enrolment in the High Achiever Program while you are studying year 11 or 12 is not the same as being admitted to a degree program at the University of Tasmania. This means that you will need to apply for entrance to the University as a Year 12 leaver through the standard procedures if you wish to gain a place in the degree program of your choice at the University of Tasmania on completion of your Year 12 studies.

Guaranteed offer

Students enrolled in and successfully completing their HAP unit will be guaranteed an offer of a place on a University of Tasmania degree program, subject to meeting course entry requirements. 


As the studies being undertaken in the High Achiever Program are standard University of Tasmania units, students who are successful in achieving a pass grade or higher will be eligible to apply for credit towards a relevant degree program. Once you have been granted credit towards the degree for which you have applied, you have a number of options:

  • Accelerate your studies - start on second year units during your first year at University
  • Broaden your studies - undertake an extra first-year unit in an area of interest
  • Reduce your study load - as you will have less than a full-time load, you have the opportunity to undertake some work experience, or pursue other personal interests.

Please note you will still be required to apply to the University as a Year 12 leaver, even after completing a number of University units in the High Achiever Program. Under the Guaranteed Offer Scheme you can receive an early offer on your proposed degree program.