What are the benefits of the Program?

Academic Challenge

The program is designed to engage and challenge very able students through enrolment in University subjects. Students may extend and enhance their TCE studies by undertaking in greater depth a particular subject or discipline area of interest. Depending on the units chosen, students will be required to attend lectures, tutorials or workshops and will be assessed along with first or second year University students.

Experience University Life

Participating students have a valuable chance to experience some of the wider aspects of university life while maintaining progress towards the TCE. Students will experience different teaching styles and learning approaches at University which will complement their Year 11 and 12 studies, and will have access to first class academic and other support facilities and services.

No Course Costs

Australian and permanent resident students undertaking University subjects under the High Achiever Program will not incur any course costs. There may, however, be some costs associated with studying such as textbooks and other learning materials.


Units successfully completed may be credited to a relevant degree when the student enrols at the University of Tasmania. Credit provides two advantages: students have the option of accelerating through their degree, or they can take on additional subjects to extend their study program.