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Full UTAS units

Some units are offered by UTAS that are taught in place of or to fill a gap in the TASC curriculum, which have no direct correlation with a TASC level 3 or level 4 "pre-tertiary" subject. These units are known as 'Full UTAS units'.

Full UTAS units in the UCP attract TCE points and are eligible to be included in the calculation of ATAR. On successful completion of a Full UTAS unit, your result will be considered for inclusion among your best five results in the calculation of your ATAR.

Further explanation and examples can be found in the UCP and the ATAR section below.

A summary of student results will also be provided to your school/college.

Note that from 2016 all UCP Full University Unit results will be scaled before inclusion in the calculation of the ATAR.

TCE Points YES
University Result YES