Faculty of Science, Engineering & Technology

Bachelor of Science Advanced Honours Program

The Bachelor of Science Advanced Honours Program aims to provide high achieving undergraduate science students with a learning environment that encourages them to develop their full academic potential.

Students will have the opportunity to participate in various activities and seminars (normally only available to Honours students) and to develop associations with Faculty academic staff in their major discipline areas. Students enrolled in the program fulfill all the normal BSc and BSc(Hons) requirements but are expected to complete at least one research-based unit as a precursor to Honours. The research-based unit may be taken in the long vacation period between Years 2 and 3 (subject to availability) or during normal semester time in Year 3.

To remain in the program students must be awarded the Dean's Roll of Excellence (see SET Faculty's Dean's Roll of Excellence and Citation guidelines). Upon successful completion of their undergraduate degree students will gain direct entry into a Science Honours degree.

Year 12 students who expect to gain a TER/ITI score of 90 or above can apply for admission to the Bachelor of Science Advanced Honours Program. Students undertaking BSc combined degrees will also be able to participate in the program and should contact the SET Faculty Office (phone 03 6226 2125, or email set.enquiries@utas.edu.au).