Faculty of Science, Engineering & Technology


The Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology offer undergraduate and postgraduate degrees covering a wide variety of engaging and interesting topics.

To help you navigate through what we've got to offer, our course offerings are grouped into five study areas. Each link below will take you to our course and unit handbook where you can read about each course, getting information on the content, practical experience opportunities, where it might lead you, entry requirements, and fees and scholarships.

If you interested in following an Honours, Masters or PhD program, you might also want to look at the research sections of the schools that are located within under the Faculty of SET.

Agriculture and Environmental Science

The future of people and the planet will be strongly influenced by our graduates, who are expert in managing social and natural environments and agricultural innovation. Drawing on Tasmania’s unique environment, with easy access to World Heritage and wilderness areas, marine environments and geological diversity, we offer a range of focused and distinctive courses in Agriculture and Environmental Science for people with an interest in the natural, physical and biological sciences, who enjoy variety in a working day, and see shared global challenges as opportunities.

Architecture and Design

Architecture and Design explores relationships between people and spaces, and the built and natural environments. This study area is for people who are creative, inquisitive and observant, and our courses encourage creative investigation and research, and provide you with many opportunities to go beyond the classroom to create objects, spaces and places. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, if you find inspiration in unlikely places, if you like doing and making, researching and planning, this could be the ideal study area for you.

Computing and IT

Computing and Information Technology affects occupations and contributes to productivity gains, innovation and job growth across all industries around the world. Our Computing and IT courses offer core knowledge and specialist units across the complete spectrum of Computing and Information Technology. They range from non-technical areas such as the nature of information and the organisational need for Information and Communication Technology (ICT), to the hardware, software, network and creative technologies used to satisfy these needs, to the communication, design, development and management skills needed to create and implement ICT components.


Engineers balance creative design, analysis and applied science. They design, build and manage structures, machines, manufacturing processes and infrastructure, and are people with inquiring minds who love to problem-solve, create, refine and build. If you enjoy maths and science, are a collaborator, and love meeting the challenge of creating something new, an Engineering degree is one of the sought after degrees at University.


A Science degree from the University of Tasmania gives you specific skills and a solid foundation in rational thinking. Most jobs and careers and all sectors of a modern economy rely in some way on science, engineering and technology. As a result, a Science degree is one of the most sought after degrees at university and one of the most asked for by employers. If you have a fascination for the world, life on it and our part in it, are driven to discover, have the will to meet a challenge, or if you’re filled with a desire to create something new, Science can provide the way for you to realise your ambitions.

If you haven't studied before, or are returning to study after a break, we have a range of pathway options available to help you meet the University entrance requirements and transition into study.