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Geology is the study of the Earth. It includes studies of tectonic processes leading to volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and the generation of mineral, petroleum and water deposits in the Earth's crust. By combining studies in Geology with other science majors it is possible to broaden one's job horizons and to become involved in some exciting areas of geosciences.

A combination of physics and geology leads into geophysics, which uses the physical properties of the crust to study the structure, composition and location of mineral, water, oil and gas deposits. Combining chemistry and geology leads to geochemistry, while combining geography and geology leads into geomorphology and environmental geology. Economic Geology is a combination of geology, physics and chemistry in the study of the formation and exploration of mineral deposits.

The School of Earth Sciences is co-located with the Centre of Excellence in Ore Deposits (CODES), an Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence. CODES brings together a team of high-calibre Australian and international research scientist in a series of multi-disciplinary programs that cover the spectrum of basic, strategic and applied research into the genesis of and exploration for ore deposits.