Faculty of Science, Engineering & Technology

Spoiling Our Spelling or Enhancing Communication?


Dr Nenagh Kemp from the School of Psychology discusses the nature of "textese".

Start Date

7th Aug 2012 8:00pm

End Date

7th Aug 2012 10:00pm


Clarence Senior Citizens Centre, 17 Alma St, Bellerive

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No RVSP required, for more info see the Royal Society of Tasmania's website: www.rst.org.au

Text-messaging is a ubiqitous form of communication, especially among young perople. However, media panic about the potential effects of "textese"- style spelling on literacy skills has not been borne out of research. Hosted by the Royal Society of Tasmania, Dr Nenagh Kemp from the School of Psychology at UTAS discusses the nature of "textese", its links with literacy, and its future in communication.

Dr Nenagh Kemp presents her research on


Please note: the venue for this event has changed to the Bellerive address