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Please select from the links below for information on your course to enable you to complete your acceptance and the enrolment process. 

Course & Unit Handbook - web link to the official University Course & Unit Handbook to provide detailed unit information and official rules for your course. Familiarise yourself with the structure of your degree.

Degree Planner - print a Planner to map out your enrolment semester by semester. Compulsory introductory units are already shown on the plan.

Some courses allow you to include Student Electives (free choice of units from any introductory unit offered by the university); these units are not listed in the Degree Planners. You will need to browse the Course & Unit Handbook if you wish to choose Student Electives from discipline areas not already included in your Degree Planner.

CourseDegree Planner (PDF)
72T Associate Degree of Information and Communication Technology

72T_AssocDeg_ICT(Games).pdf (113KB)

72T_AssocDeg_ICT(Software).pdf (112KB)

73E Bachelor of Environmental Design

73E_BEnvDes_ArchMajor.pdf (304KB)

73E_BEnvDes_FurnMajor.pdf (306KB)

73E_BEnvDes_InteriorMajor.pdf (304KB)

73E_BEnvDes_LandscapeMajor.pdf (305KB) 

73G Bachelor of Surveying and Spatial Sciences

73G_BSurvSpSc.pdf (386KB)

73M Bachelor of Agricultural Science73M_BAgrSc.pdf (310KB)
73N Bachelor of Agriculture73N_BAgr.pdf (382KB)
73O Bachelor of Science73O_BSc.pdf (114KB)
73Q Bachelor of Natural Environment and Wilderness Studies73Q_BNEWS.pdf (305KB)
73S Bachelor of Biotechnology & Medical Research73S_BBiotechMedRes.pdf (306KB)
73T Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology

73T_BICT(Games).pdf (137KB)

73T_BICT(Software).pdf (136KB) 

73U Bachelor of Applied Science (Environmental Science)73U_BAppSc(EnvSc).pdf (388KB)
73Z Bachelor of Applied Science (Food Science Innovation)73Z_BAppSc(FoodScInnov).pdf (117KB)
K3F Bachelor of Animal ScienceK3F_BAnimalSci.pdf (115KB)
K3S Bachelor of Marine and Antarctic Science (Under construction - please refer to the 2015 Course and Unit Handbook entry for K3S)
N3A Bachelor of Engineering
S2F Associate Degree in Furniture DesignS2F_AssocDegFurnitureDesign.pdf (111KB)
S2G Associate Degree in ScienceS2G_AssocDeg_Science.pdf (111KB)

Combined Degrees 

CourseDegree Planner (PDF)
13M Bachelor of Arts - Bachelor of Science13M_BArts & BSc.pdf (115KB)
13P Bachelor of Arts - Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology13P BArts & BICT(Games).pdf (119KB)
13P BArts & BICT(Software).pdf (119KB)
33J Bachelor of Economics- Bachelor of Science33I_BEc & BSc.pdf (117KB)
33J Bachelor of Business - Bachelor of Science33J_BBus & BSc.pdf (115KB)

33N Bachelor of Economics - Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology

33M BEc & BICT(Games)_draft.pdf (120KB)
33M BEc & BICT(Software).pdf (120KB)
33N Bachelor of Business - Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology33N BBus & BICT(Games).pdf (120KB)
33N BBus & BICT(Software).pdf (120KB)
63L Bachelor of Science - Bachelor of Laws63L1 BSc_LLB.pdf (118KB)
63R Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology - Bachelor of Laws63R1 BICT LLB.pdf (120KB)
N3C Bachelor of Science - Bachelor of EngineeringN3C BSc & BE.pdf (117KB)
P3B Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology - Bachelor of ScienceP3B BICT & BSc(Games).pdf (121KB)
P3B BICT & BSc(Software).pdf (121KB)
P3C Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology - Bachelor of Visual CommunicationP3C BICT & BVisCom(Games).pdf (122KB)
P3C BICT & BVisCom(Software).pdf (122KB)