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Sustainable Design for Houses - new online unit

Sustainable design is the way of the future. Whether you are looking at building, buying, renovating, or simply learning; smart housing design can have enormous ongoing benefits for you and our planet.

Sustainable Design for Houses

Be part of the sustainable home revolution!

This unit aims to develop an awareness of environmental and human health impacts of housing in order to inform critical and creative decision-making in the design and renovation of houses.

You will explore how housing affects our own health and the health of the planet, and how sustainable design can reduce environmental impacts and improve wellbeing. You'll also learn how to make design choices that are more sustainable in relation to your personal needs and circumstances.

This new unit is offered fully online and is fully HECs waived for domestic students, meaning you can learn to help yourself, your home, and the planet without paying tuition fees!

Check out the Sustainable Design for Houses unit page for more information and to apply.

Published on: 15 Feb 2017