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UTAS academic receives prestigious medal

Prof David Green wins Medal of the International Mineralogical Association

Prof David GreenA UTAS academic has been awarded the prestigious Medal of the International Mineralogical Association (IMA) for "sustained excellence in mineralogical research."

The IMA is the peak international body for mineralogy and petrology and its Silver Medal is awarded biennially.

Professor-Emeritus David H Green (AM, FAA, FRS, an Honorary Research Associate in the UTAS School of Earth Sciences and in CODES received the medal and presented the plenary address at the European Mineralogical Congress in Frankfurt, Germany, titled: Experimental Petrology of Peridotites, Basalts and C,H,O - a window on the Earth's Upper Mantle.

Prof Green said the conference also provided an excellent reunion with UTAS alumni who had earned their PhDs in the 1977-1994 period.

Following the European visit, Prof Green spent three weeks in China giving nine lectures at Universities and Research Institutes including Lanzhou, X'ian, Beijing, Nanjing and Guangzhou.

He presented the inaugural Shensu Sun Memorial Lecture at the annual National Conference of Petrology and Geodynamics at Lanzhou and his visit was funded by the Shensu Sun Foundation and by the host institutions for the lecture tour.

Dr Shensu Sun was a research scientist at Geoscience Australia and Research School of Earth Sciences, ANU who died prematurely from cancer. Originally from Taiwan, he achieved a great deal in building links between Australia and China in the earth sciences and mentored many young scientists.

Prof Green commented on the "enthusiasm and vigour" of the earth science research in the universities visited, including both basic research and research on genesis of and exploration for mineral and energy resources.

"This appears to be a very open and expansive time for geosciences in China with new campuses, excellent new laboratories and state-of-the-art equipment for modern geochemistry, petrology and mineralogy," Prof Green said.

"Conversations with Chinese scientists were extremely positive towards scientific exchange and collaborations."

Published on: 12 Nov 2012