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Visiting Korean researcher to get a taste for organic, local food preferences in south

Staff invited to complete online survey

Organic food surveyStaff invited to complete online survey

If you buy organic products, do you have 15 minutes to tell a researcher your reasons for doing so?

The Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture (TIA) is undertaking a survey to find out about consumer preferences for organic and local produce in the Hobart area.

The project is being carried out by Professor Jong-Sook Kim, a visiting Professor to TIA from the Korean National College of Agriculture and Fisheries, working with TIA Research Fellow Dr Kerry Bridle.

"We are assessing the level of knowledge that southern Tasmanian organic consumers possess about organic produce and exploring if and how consumers differentiate between local and organic products," explains Dr Bridle.

Prof Kim said: "Tasmania and South Korea cover similar land areas, with similar proportions of agricultural land under organic production.

"We are investigating market differentiation between local and organic produce in Tasmania, as local produce, unlike organic produce, is a relatively recent marketing tool in Korea."

Dr Bridle adds: "The results of this work will useful to both Tasmanian farmers and consumers, by increasing knowledge of consumer beliefs and potentially improving direct sales relationships between farmers and consumers."

The researchers will be collecting information until December 14th.

The survey has been distributed to organic suppliers around Hobart or can be completed on-line at http://organicconsumersurvey.blogspot.com.au/

Published on: 12 Nov 2012