Faculty of Science, Engineering & Technology

Degree Coordinators - SET Honours Degrees

Each degree has a person appointed to act as the Coordinator. Honours Coordinators can provide you with specific advice about that program.

School/AreaDiscipline CoordinatorPhone NumberEmail Address
Architecture and Design Dr Ceridwen Owen(03) 6324 4479Ceridwen.Owen@utas.edu.au
Engineering and ICT EngineeringAssoc Prof Michael Negnevitsky (03) 6226 7613Michael.Negnevitsky@utas.edu.au 
ICTDr Ian Lewis(03) 6226 2952 Ian.Lewis@utas.edu.au
Land and FoodAg Science/MicrobiologyAssoc Prof Calum Wilson(03) 6233 6841 Calum.Wilson@utas.edu.au 
Geography and Environmental Science/Natural Environment and Wilderness Studies Dr Peter McQuillan(03) 6226 2840P.B.McQuillan@utas.edu.au 
Surveying and Spatial Sciences Dr Christopher Watson(03) 6226 2489Christopher.Watson@utas.edu.au
Life sciences

Plant Science/Zoology/Biotechnology 

Mr Paddy Dalton(03) 6226 7873P.J.Dalton@utas.edu.au
Physical SciencesChemistry Prof Brett Paull(03) 6226 7873Brett.Paull@utas.edu.au
Earth Sciences (Economic Geology, Geochemistry, Geology, Geophysics) Dr Garry Davidson(03) 6226 2547Garry.Davidson@utas.edu.au
Mathematics Dr Michael Brideson(03) 6226 2430Michael.Brideson@utas.edu.au
Physics Assoc Prof Simon Ellingsen (03) 6226 7588Simon.Ellingsen@utas.edu.au
Environmental Science Dr Trevor Lewis(03) 6324 3826Trevor.Lewis@utas.edu.au
IMASMarine Science / Antarctic ScienceDr Kelvin Michael (03) 6226 2977Kelvin.Michael@utas.edu.au
Marine and Antarctic Science (Prof Hons)Dr Jeff Ross(03) 6227 7281Jeff.Ross@utas.edu.au
Regional Resource Management  Mr Clayton Hawkins (03) 6430 4982Clayton.Hawkins@utas.edu.au 
OTHERBiochemistry (CBA) Dr Stephen Richards (03) 6226 2673Stephen.Richards@utas.edu.au
 Pathological Sciences (CJA)Dr Silvana Bettiol(03) 6226 4823S.Bettiol@utas.edu.au
 Pharmacology (CSA)Prof Gregory Peterson(03) 6226 1080G.Peterson@utas.edu.au
 Physiology (CHP)Dr Lisa Foa(03) 6226 2681Lisa.Foa@utas.edu.au
 Psychology Dr Michael Garry(03) 6226 2204Michael.Garry@utas.edu.au
 Population Health (CEA)Prof Simon Foote(03) 6226 7702Simon.Foote@utas.edu.au