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ASISTM: Working Together to Expand Science Literacy in Schools

Expanding Science Literacy in Tasmanian Regional and Rural Schools

Extend your students' skills and knowledge in science, engineering and technology with this learning resource developed by the University of Tasmania in collaboration with regional and rural schools around Tasmania

Units follow the Department of Education's unit planning and assessment guidelines and are described in "Working Together to Expand Science Literacy in Schools: Teachers Handbook" with supporting resource material available, (eg. researcher profiles, student worksheets, teacher notes) on the accompanying CD-ROM. This resource is available from the Faculty Science - ph: 03 6226 2125 or email: set.enquiries@utas.edu.au.

Units can also be downloaded here in pdf format. Adobe Acrobat is required to (ADD) view units - install the latest version from the Adobe website.

Marine Science
Marine Science
"How is the open ocean important to us"(PDF File 530.3 KB)
Year 7-8
This unit looks at open ocean ecology and the impacts of human activity on the ocean.
Antarctic Science
Antarctic Science
Survival in Antarctica Prep-2
This unit looks at how life survives in Antarctica.
Forest Science
Forest Science
How "Wood" you use it?(PDF File 313.1 KB) Year 7-10
This unit focuses on developing students' understanding of the concept of sustainability through a forestry perspective.
Student Guide(PDF File 198.2 KB) and Map(PDF File 79.2 KB)
This resource provides background information and unit activities for students and is designed to be used in conjunction with unit teaching.
Environmental Science
Environmental Science
"The water looks ok but is it?"(PDF File 242.3 KB) Year 9-10
This unit develops knowledge and understanding of how environmental guidelines for assessing water quality are established.
Water Quality(PDF File 100.2 KB) and Toxicity Testing(PDF File 105.9 KB)
These teacher notes provide essential background information on water quality guidelines and the use of the brine shrimp bioassay in toxicity testing.
"Is aquaculture sustainable and why?"(PDF File 164.9 KB) Year 9-10
These ideas for student activities focus on the aquaculture industry and the issue of sustainability.
Agriculture Science
Agricultural Science
"What oil is essential?"(PDF File 270.8 KB) Year 9-10
In this unit, students examine sources of essential oils and the physical processes used in production.
"What drink can I make?"(PDF File 364.4 KB) Year 9-10
During this unit, students gain an understanding the elements involved in the production of beverages and what it's like to work as a scientist within industry.
Physical Science
Physical Science
"Can insects help build aeroplanes"(PDF File 246.3 KB) Year 7-10
This unit looks at how knowledge of insect anatomy can inspire technological innovation and solutions.