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Robocup Junior

Robocup awardRoboCup Junior is part of a national robotics competition for primary and secondary school students. It has been developed with three levels of increasing complexity (Dance, Rescue and Soccer) where students can choose to take up the challenge at their own skill and interest level.

RoboCup Junior regional and state events are held in Tasmania each year. For more information, visit the Robotics Tasmania website. 

RoboSquad United Excels At 2010 World Championships!

RoboSquad United, the Tasmanian junior team, excelled by winning three categories in robot dance performance at the World RoboCup Competition held in Singapore in June 2010.

The team, consisting of students from Ogilvie High, the Friends’ School and Sacred Heart College, and mentored by Susan Bowler and Ann Holloway (Ogilvie High), spent months preparing for the competition. They designed, built and programmed seven different robots, each using sensors and Bluetooth to gather input allowing them to modify their behaviour so that each robot could see, hear and react to each other and the environment. Preparation for the competition also involved developing a dance for the robots and team members to perform, building a stage set, making costumes, and preparing for a technical interview.

The competition attracted some of the best artificial intelligence and robotics teams from all over the world. Over 4000 participants in 500 teams from 40 countries took part in the Robocup events for both tertiary students and junior (primary and secondary school) students.