Faculty of Science, Engineering & Technology

Prize for Science/Maths Teaching in Secondary Schools

The Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering Prize for Science/Maths Teaching in Secondary Schools recognises a Tasmanian teacher who has continually inspired students to pursue their studies. The Prize is administered and sponsored by the Faculty of Science, Engineering & Technology.

The Prize is $1000 plus a plaque and is presented at the SET Research and Teaching Awards Evening held each year.

In addition, the winning teacher and his/her class (or 20 students of the teacher's choice) are invited to visit the research facilities at the University of Tasmania, with relevant expenses met.

Eligibility for this Prize is limited to Year 7 – 12 teachers in Tasmanian government and non-government schools and colleges who are teaching in the areas of mathematics or environmental, physical and/or life sciences. Entrants need to be currently employed as science or maths teachers.

Application form and conditions (PDF, 297KB)

If you have any queries, please contact Jeannie-Marie LeRoi on 6226 7477 or email jeanniemarie.leroi@utas.edu.au.

Past winners of the Prize for Science/Maths Teaching:

  • 2014 - Robyn Aitken, Kingston High School
  • 2013 - Jane Stratton, Claremont College
  • 2012 - Susan Bowler, Ogilvie High School
  • 2011 - Chris Bracken, MacKillop College
  • 2010 - Kylie Waters, Ulverstone High School, and Heather Omant, Ogilvie High School
  • 2009 - Deborah Beswick, Elizabeth College, and Craig Kerr, Don Campus, Tasmanian Academy
  • 2008 - Gary Anderson, Hellyer College, and Penny Bester, St Brendan-Shaw College
  • 2007 - Rob Thomas, Cosgrove High School
  • 2006 - Phil Richardson, Hellyer College
  • 2005 - Jane Hall-Dadson, Exeter High School
  • 2004 - Anne Burke, Marist Regional College