Faculty of Science, Engineering & Technology

Architecture & Design


Research in the School of Architecture & Design is centred on sustainable design, architectural history and theory, ‘learning-by-making’, thermal performance in buildings and timber research. The School has growing research focus in furniture design practice-based research and sustainable interior design. Research on sustainable timber design and timber production, and thermal performance and environmental rating research, is carried out in the Centre for Sustainable Architecture with Wood (CSAW) located within the School.

A significant amount of research develops the relationships between architecture, design, art and philosophy, especially the understanding of place, ‘publics’, urbanity, phenomenology and ethics. An emerging area of research is in design education, including investigations into the pedagogy of design studios. The School of Architecture & Design has successfully produced design-as-research projects under its ‘learning-by-making’ program such as the Castle, mass-customised prefabricated mobile housing units for and by youth at risk of homelessness.

The School of Architecture and Design has four research concentrations and areas of expertise: Broadening research on the relationship between sustainability and design, including specialisations in social participation ecological citizenship, health (particularly mental health) and design, sustainable place making, urban morphology and cultural landscapes, sustainable interiors and furniture, thermal performance and environmental rating research, and wood production and performance. Research in and on design as research, learning-by-making and creative works, including specialisations in exhibitions, performance, new approaches to furniture and interiors, remote area micro-housing and prefabrication. This research is strongly supported by Design teaching scholarship including design and technology education, learning-by-making, workplace-integrated-learning, and experiential learning. Research in architecture and design history and theory particularly colonial and settler histories, Tasmanian architectural history, heritage, conservation and adaptive reuse, urban histories and theories.