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Lainey James

Lainey JamesLainey James

Bachelor of Marine and Antarctic Science (Professional Honours)

“The University of Tasmania is one of the best places in the world to study marine and Antarctic science.”

“The University of Tasmania is one of the best universities in Australia to study marine and in particular Antarctic science, with access to specialist institutes such as the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies, CSIRO and the Australian Antarctic Division, where you get to learn from, and work directly with leading scientists in their respective fields.

“Science was always my favourite subject throughout school and I’m a pretty outdoorsy person, in particular I love hiking, kayaking, snorkelling and diving, so studying marine and Antarctic science seemed liked a great way to combine both passions.

“In 2012, I received a Dean’s Summer Research the scholarship gave me experience in the practical aspects of field based research, ranging from initial collection and measurement of animals to their successful care and husbandry in the laboratory. Furthermore, it combined this with the opportunity to think critically about the work I carry out and data I collect through being involved in data analysis and the eventual discussion. The opportunities to gain expertise in such a holistic skill set are few and far between and will provide me with an excellent start to a career in science.”