Faculty of Science, Engineering & Technology

Enrolment Information

Who to Contact

All students, both new and continuing, should obtain enrolment advice before completing their enrolment. For enrolment advice directly related to the course that you are studying, contact either your Degree Coordinator or a Faculty Officer.

Bachelor of Science (73O) students should contact a Faculty Officer for advice in the first instance.

Enrolment Process

Familiarise yourself with the rules and schedules of your degree

Each degree has course specifications (i.e. rules for completion) together with a schedule of units which are the principle references that should be used when choosing your units. You should read the course structure information, together with the schedules, before selecting your units.

This information is available on the UTAS online Course and Unit Handbook - follow this link for Science, Engineering & Technology courses

  • Select the link for the degree you are taking, for example: 'Bachelor of Science (73O)'
  • Select the tab titled "What You'll Study".

There is also an online e-tour of the UTAS Course and Unit Handbook, to help you find these links.

Class Timetable Information

Timetable information for units is available online - see the Class Timetable Guide for instructions, or go directly to the Class Timetable webpage.

Timetable clashes should be avoided where possible. It is not possible for the Faculty to guarantee a clash-free timetable for all students.

Your personal timetable can be accessed after you enrol in units- open the Class Timetable webpage and enter your Student ID number. You can also search by unit, or by multiple units separated with a comma, before you are enrolled.

Applications for Credit

If you wish to seek credit (or exemption) for previous study you must submit an application form (PDF) and supporting documentation to the Faculty Office, well in advance of the census date, for consideration. Credit cannot be processed if documentation is incomplete. 

Please note that it can take up to 4 weeks for credit to be processed.

Deferring an Enrolment/Leave of absence

Leave of Absence (LOA) refers to currently enrolled students who wish to take an academic year off from their studies. Approval is not always guaranteed and some students may need to reapply for admission when they decide to return to studies. Current students can submit a leave of absence application through their eStudent and view the progress. Once the faculty has assessed the application the outcome will be emailed to the students' UTAS email account.

LOA applications for continuing students must be submitted before the Census Date (see Academic and Financial Penalty Dates).
If you are in the first semester of your course and have not yet passed a census date, please refer to deferral below, as that will apply to you.

A deferral is for new students who have received an offer of a place but have not commenced studying their degree and wish to defer starting their course for one academic year. New students can submit an application to defer on their eApplication page where the online offer is located.

For details about eligibility to defer go to Deferral on the  Admissions Application and Acceptance page.

Deferral applications must be submitted before the Census Date (see Academic and Financial Penalty Dates).

If you are an international student, you must seek advice from International Services if you need to intermit your studies.

Complete your enrolment

Most students will complete their enrolment online through the eStudent.

  • Firstly a unit will need to be added to the study plan as "planned" and then the "planned" unit will need to be changed to "enrolled" by selecting the enrol button. 
  • Select the Unit Code, Study Centre, Semester and Attendance Mode for each unit you wish to enrol in.
  • Your enrolment is only saved when you click on the 'Save' button at the end of the online process.

If a unit requires special permission to enrol (for example a research project unit) then you will need to email your coordinator for approval to enrol and then forward this approval to the Faculty Office to be enrolled.

There will be an opportunity for you to vary your enrolment, should you change your mind about your unit selection. You can vary your enrolment any time up until the Census Date without any penalties, providing you have the Unit Coordinator's and Faculty Officer's approval for addition of units after Week 2 of semester. 

If withdrawal after the census date is for medical or other reasons you can apply for a withdrawal without academic penalty and a remission of fees.

Please note that variations to your enrolment can impact on academic progress, fee liability or other entitlements (e.g. Centrelink benefits). If you are an international student you are required to maintain a full-time enrolment as a condition of your student visa.

Personal Details

You must keep the University informed of your personal details (addresses, telephone contacts, citizenship etc.) particularly if these have changed since your last enrolment. Your contact details are important should we find it necessary to get in touch with you. 
You can update your contact details online through the eStudent.

Our main means of communication with you is via email. You should check your email account at least once a week as important information regarding your enrolment may be sent to it.

Special approvals

  • Overloads (i.e. more than 50% enrolment in a semester) - formal approval required from your Degree Coordinator.
  • Waivers of unit pre-requisites - formal approval required from your unit coordinator and then Degree Coordinator. Once approval is sought contact the Faculty Office to be enrolled.

Still need assistance with your enrolment or other issues related to your study? Please contact a Faculty Officer as we are here to help you.