Faculty of Science, Engineering & Technology

Rewarding Careers

Why Science, Engineering and Technology?

The world around us is a product of our knowledge and its applications. What we eat, where we live, what we wear, how we travel, how we talk to each other or how we're entertained have all been influenced by science, engineering and technology.

Scientists and engineers play a major role in advancing our knowledge, developing new technologies, improving our lives and preserving our environment.

Generally scientists are concerned about why and how things work or interact, while engineers examine how or where this knowledge is applied.

The Faculty of Science, Engineering & Technology at UTAS offers many courses in different areas of science, engineering and technology. As a graduate, you'll be able to apply your knowledge in a wide range of areas. You might find work in the same area of your degree, or you might end up doing something completely different.

To help you decide if a degree in science, engineering or technology is for you, here are some useful links:

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