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Service and Project Delivery is committed to understanding needs and facilitating the provision of high level services to all staff and students of the university.

We are conscious that to succeed in delivering a high level of service quality across the university we must maintain a consistent approach, and continue to support the review and improvement of processes. This includes providing the opportunity for consultation to enable positive continuous service improvements.
We would also be enthusiastic to receive suggestions for cost saving measures, see also Institutional Efficiency.

We encourage staff feedback and offer this via two mechanisms:

We hope to be able to address concerns where appropriate but please be aware that if you submit anonymously we will not be able to directly respond to your query.

Mr Brett Harris

Director, Service and Project Delivery
Office of the Chief Operating Officer

  • Oversight and strategy development
  • Governance
  • Project management
  • University wide focus

+61 3 6226 8524


Mrs Gina Hadolt

Executive Officer
Office of the Chief Operating Officer

+61 3 6226 8519