Service & Project Delivery

Service Delivery facilitates effective outcomes across the University through the delivery of high quality professional services that support research, learning and teaching, and community engagement. The Service Delivery portfolio consists of four streams: service delivery, institutional improvement, institutional efficiency and project management.

Service Delivery and Project Management Methodology Presentation (PDF 1.7MB) April 2014

How we do it...

Through engagement - with UTAS function and faculty/institute management and staff consultation: consideration of service standards through feedback; identification and pursuit of improvement opportunities at both process and task level; identifying opportunities for institutional-wide efficiencies; and strengthened project management across UTAS.

Through assessment - measuring the change in performance of services delivered and the efficiency of processes through assessment internally (against a baseline and agreed metrics) and against external peer institutions.

Service Delivery Portfolio - 4 streams:

1 - Service Delivery2 - Institutional Improvement3 - Institutional Efficiency4 - Project Management

Delivery of high quality professional services to support research, learning and teaching, and community engagement.

2.1 Business Process Improvement

Seeking to deliver step change improvements through disruptive but periodic interventions.

2.2 Continuous Improvement

Constantly seeking small incremental improvements through non-disruptive processes.

Reducing cost or improving process through smarter business practice and common sense.

Maintaining an appropriate project management methodology and leading its adoption.

Ad hoc strategic project assistance as needed.