Service Desk

Adding forward in Webmail to Exchange

It is important that a forward is set up in webmail to the exchange mail server. Before adding this forward please contact the IT Service Desk on x1818 to confirm that you have an exchange account.

  1. Log into the webmail system by going to the following address
  2. When logged on to webmail select the Options Tab and then Settings under this.
  3. Under the Mail Forwarding section enter  in the Email Address section. Replace ‘username’ with your UTAS username.
  4. Ensure both enable forwarding and do not leave copy on server are ticked and press the Add button. The address will now appear under the Mail Forwarding List.
  5. Press the Save button located on the bottom right of the webmail screen.

To test the settings. Log out of webmail, now log back in to webmail again.

You should now be in your new Outlook Web App.