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Email Quota Management

UTAS Webmail email accounts have a fixed limit (Quota) on how much storage they can contain.

You can see how much of this quota you are currently using by logging into UTAS Webmail.

The quota, and percentage currently being used, is displayed near the top left after login. (Note that this only refers to how much is stored on the mail servers, not how much is stored on your personal computer).

If your account reaches its quota limit, no further email will be delivered to your account until after you have reduced your account's usage to less than the quota.

N.B. if the quota breach continues System Administrators will delete a large amount of your old email without further notice.

Therefore if you fill your quota, you will need to reduce your usage as soon as possible to avoid missing messages.

You can reduce your usage by deleting emails. You will then need to empty your 'Trash' folder or 'Expunge' deleted messages to free up the used storage space.

If you require further assistance, please contact the IT Resources Service Desk.

Phone: +61 3 6226 1818 or 1300 304 903