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Using Webmail

Web Mail is an email service provided by the University of Tasmania for students and staff members. It uses the World Wide Web to provide the service.

Information about logging onto Web Mail is available in the Accessing Web Mail webpage.

The Messages Window

When you first log in the first window that appears is the Messages window. It shows the contents of your inbox.

The Messages window looks similar to this:

Messages window 

This is Web Mail’s main window. From here you can read messages, delete messages, reply to messages, create new messages and log out.

The Messages window lists messages that you have received. Through the use of headings and symbols, for each message you can see:

  • If a message is unread or has been read, or whether you have replied to it
  • Whether there is an attachment
  • The subject entered by the sender
  • Who the message is from
  • The date the message was received
  • The size of the message

If you don’t know what a symbol means simply place your cursor over it and a little text pop will pop up and it will name what the symbol refers to.

New messages that have arrived since you last used Web Mail will be automatically added to the list each time you log in.

To check for new messages that may have arrived while you are logged in, click on the Get Mail heading in the top left hand corner.

Reading a Message

To read a message you need to have the Messages window open.

  • Click on the Subject of the message in the messages window.

The message opens. It will look similar to this:

Reading a Message

When you have finished reading the message you can:

  • Read the next message (click on Next in the top right of the window)
  • Reply to, delete or forward the message (click on the word in the top left of the window that represents what you want to do)
  • Go back to the Messages list (click on the Inbox link in the left hand menu)

Deleting a Message

You can also perform a number of actions from the Message window such as deleting a message.

  • Locate the message that you want to delete.
  • Click in the check box to the left of the message(s) that you want to delete to add a tick.
  • Click on Delete (top of the boxes column).

The selected messages will be deleted from the list. If you do accidentally delete a message don’t worry you can get it back by clicking on Trash in the left hand menu.

Replying to a Message

If you have been sent a message that you would like to respond to you can use the reply function.

  • Open the message that you wish to reply to.
  • Click on Reply in the top left menu in the window.

You will notice that the Address and Subject boxes are automatically filled in. The original message is also displayed with the > symbol at the start of each line. This symbol shows that it belongs to the original message.

  • Type your message
  • Click Send (top left corner)

One you have sent your message the reply window will close and the original message will be displayed. To return to your list of messages click on Inbox in the left hand menu.

Creating a New Message

  • Click on Compose (top left hand corner under the Mail tag)

A new window will open for you to compose your message.

  • Click in the To: box and type the email address of the person you are writing to
  • Click in the subject box and type a brief summary of your message
  • Click in the main message area and type your full message
  • When you are finished click the send button

Your message is sent, the window will close and you will be looking at the Messages window.

More Information

If you would like to learn more about the functions of webmail please use the help function (‘Help’ link under the UTAS webmail banner). The help menu provides all the information you need to assist you in successfully using Web Mail.

If you have concerns of a technical nature, please contact the IT Service Desk.

Phone: +61 3 6226 1818 or 1300 304 903