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Controls in Classrooms

The AV controls in smaller Learning and Teaching spaces are configured uniformly to allow ease of operation throughout UTAS. The following is designed to allow you to be familiarised with the push button control interface and its various modes of operation.

Push Button Control Familiarisation

Push button controller

The push button controller is simple in layout. There is a series of source buttons, a volume control and a display On/Off buttons for the operation of the data projector.

Initially, if the projector is off, press the ON button to activate the projector. Then select which source is to be displayed from the available choices (PC, LAPTOP, DOC CAM, DVD). Make sure that the source device is on and is ready to be displayed.

There is a volume control which will adjust the volume of the source device if that device has audio playback capability.

At the end of the lecture, turn off the projector by simply pressing the OFF button on the controller.