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Equipment in Learning and Teaching Spaces

AV Equipment and functionalities in Learning and Teaching Spaces

Throughout Learning and Teaching spaces, the user side equipment is designed to be standardised. In each space, there is a similar array of equipment. This may vary slightly from venue to venue but the AV and teaching amenities available should look similar to the following list. It is advised that when booking a space that the space be checked online using the SISfm map and venue information system

Amenity Notes
AV Controller Either a touch panel (large venues) or a push button control (smaller venues).
Data Projector/Flat panel display Displays selected source (PC, document camera, DVD, etc.), controlled by the touch panel
House PC/Mac PC or Mac located on the lectern.
DVD/CD Player Single device capable of playing either DVDs or CDs
Document Camera Allows to display hard copy documents and similar via a camera on the projection screen.
Microphones Voice re-enforcement (in select venues) either lapel or lectern mounted.
Lighting control Only available in venues with touch panels.
Audio Volume Control Via the touch panel or push button control.