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Controls in Lecture Theatres

Touch Panel Overview

The Touch Panels in supported Learning and Teaching spaces are configured uniformly to allow ease of operation throughout the University of Tasmania.

Touch Panel interfaces for audio visual controls are mainly found in larger venues. Smaller venues incorporate push button controls. Refer to AV Controls in Classrooms for further information.

Getting Started

Touch Panel Start Lecture screen

On commencement of the lecture, the touch panel may be blank or in the powered off mode. A light touch with a finger on the screen will activate the system. On activation the Start Lecture screen will be displayed.

Touching the Start Lecture button will display the main page of the touch panel. This will allow access to select functions that control different aspects of the audio visual system as well as lighting within the venue.

The Main Page

Touch Panel Main screen

The Main page allows for the selection of functions that will operate the audio visual system as well as the lighting and lecture recording functions.

This page is split into four areas.

Across the top of the page there tabs that allow access to specific audio, visual, lighting and lecture recording functions.

Down the left hand side there are controls for the house lighting.

Along the bottom there are volume and muting controls for the microphones and the End Lecture button.

In the centre are the projector display and audio source controls, which allows selection of what source is to be projected on the screen and what audio is routed through the audio system. By pressing one of these source buttons, the AV equipment will become active and turn on the data projector and display the selected source.

Touch Panel DVD controls

If the source that is selected has additional controls (e.g. the DVD player) then these controls will also be displayed. The volume control for that source will also be displayed on the main page.

To return to the main page controls, press Done.

Lighting Control

Touch Panel House Lights controls

Displayed down the left hand side of the Main Page, are the following buttons which allow control of the house lights:

Full: All house lights on. Not suitable for on screen presentations. Mainly used for audience entry and exit. At the start of lectures and when the End Lecture button is pressed, this lighting state is triggered.

AV: Lights are dimmed to a stage where presentations can be projected on the screen whilst allowing for note taking.

Dimm: Lights are further dimmed to a state where full affect of screen presentations can be realised with minimum lighting. Not suitable for note taking.

Off: All house lights are off. Only emergency lighting remains on. Not suitable for note taking.

Main Page Microphone Volumes

Touch Panel Microphone controls

At the bottom of the main page, there are volume controls for the microphones. To change the volume of the microphones, simply tap the left or right arrow of the corresponding microphone that requires volume adjustment. More volume control functionality for audio devices can be found under the Audio Tab.

Function Tabs

Across the top portion of the main page there are tabs that will allow access to specific functions within the AV system, as well as the lighting and the lecture recording system.

Touch Panel Tabs

By pressing one of these tabs, a drop down page will appear, that will give you access to the controls for these areas.

Lectopia Tab

Touch Panel Lectopia tab

The Lectopia tab will give you access to limited functionality of the lecture recording system (MyMedia Service).

These functions include; STOP, PAUSE and RECORD.

When a lecture has been scheduled for recording, a recording message will be displayed in the top left hand corner of the Touch Panel indicating that the lecture is being recorded. For further information on MyMedia Service, refer to the MyMedia Service webpage.

To return to the main page controls, press Done.

Projector Tab

Touch Panel Projector tab

The projector tab allows control over the status of the projector, the power cycle the projector (On/Off) and the ability to Picture Mute. The picture mute function allows for the projected image to be hidden from the projection screen, if required, without turning off the projector. The picture mute function can also be found on the Main Page.

To return to the main page controls, press Done.

Lighting Tab

Touch Panel Lighting tab

The lighting tab will provide functionality for task specific lighting such as the reading light, the lectern spotlight and any other special lighting (besides house lighting) within the Learning and Teaching space. Simply press the required button to activate the desired lighting.

To return to the main page controls, press Done.

Audio Tab

Touch Panel Audio tab

The Audio tab allows for control of the volume for all audio sources. To change the volume for a particular source, tap either the up or down arrow corresponding with that particular device. The same function can be found on the main page when that source is selected.

To return to the main page controls, press Done.

Ending the Lecture

End Lecture button

At the end of the lecture, press the End Lecture button at the bottom left hand side of the main page. This will bring the house lights back to full, turn off the projector and end the lecture recording.