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You will need your UTAS account name and password in order to print. You must also have enough credit in your CAPS account in order to print your job. The cost of printing varies depending on the printer, but most are $0.12 per sheet (GST inc.) for a single sided A4. Print costs should be on or near the printer as part of a poster which also shows the queue name for the printer.

  • In the program you are using, select print from the File menu.
  • Use the drop-down menu on the Print screen to make sure the correct printer is selected.
  • Click OK. A window will appear for you to enter your email account name and password.
  • Enter your username and password, and then click on OK.
  • If you do not have sufficient funds then a popup will notify you of this. If you do have sufficient funds a window will appear with the name of the printer to which the job has been send and the cost of the print job.
  • If you have access to more than one account that has sufficient funds then a drop down box will allow you to select an account. Only one account will appear if you only have one account or you only have one account with sufficient funds.
  • Click OK to confirm the print, or cancel to stop the print. If the cost seems too expensive, you may have accidentally printed too many pages, or chosen an expensive printer (eg: colour). If it seems too cheap, you may have printed the wrong frame of a framed web page. In either case, you should click Cancel and review the print settings.
  • Click OK. A new window will appear to notify you which printer your job has been allocated to. Read the final message. The printer listed will soon produce your print job and money will be deducted from your CAPS account.
Currently CAPS printing from personal laptops is available for machines running Windows Vista/7/8/8.1 or OSX. Instructions for installation of the printer packages can be found here: Windows (PDF 108.1KB) or OSX (PDF 36.1KB).
It is best to contact the owner of the copier, such as the Library, to report a problem with a copier. They will be able to investigate the problem and take appropriate action to help you produce a good copy or provide a refund. If there are no local staff or none are available, please log a job through the Service Desk.
To make copies on a CAPS photocopier you will need to have credit in your CAPS account. To initiate a copying session, swipe your card through the CAPS card reader attached to a CAPS copier. The black magnetic stripe on the rear of the card must be down and facing away from you. Alternatively you will be prompted to enter your PIN, or to enter a new PIN if you have not already associated one with your ID Card. Your account balance will be displayed. Check that you have enough credit to make your copies. You can then proceed to make copies using the controls on the copier. Once you have finished making copies press the "Enter" button on the ID Card reader to close your account. If you do not do this the account will time out 45 seconds after the last page is printed.

How to use the copiers varies according to manufacturer, but generally the following applies. Begin by opening your CAPS account on the photocopier using the instructions above.

Note: Your should press the "Function Clear" button (depending on the copier brand) before copying, as this will clear any settings from previous users. To then perform a copy:

  • Place your original, face-down, on the glass plate of the copier and gently close the lid.
  • Select the number of copies you require.
  • Select any special settings you need - reduce, enlarge, etc.
  • Press the green Print button.
  • If you want to make more than one copy of an item, it is a good idea to make a single copy first and check the print quality before proceeding.

Remember to press the "Enter" button on the card swiper to close the connection to your account.

The CAPS device is operating in offline mode. This occurs when the network is active, but the CAPS server cannot be contacted. You may use the copier as normal, up to a limit of $3.50. The CAPS device will record your usage, and debit your CAPS account when the service returns to normal.
The CAPS Device is not connected to an active network. Report the problem to the Service Desk.
The PIN entered is not the correct one for the card swiped.
A locked card usually indicates one of two things. The first is that the PIN has been mistyped several times and the system has locked the card as a security measure (see elsewhere on this page for how to get your card unlocked). The second reason is that your account may be open on another device (such as another copier).

Each branch Library contains at least one B&W photocopier which can print A4 and A3. Photocopiers are also located at various other locations around the campuses such as some administration areas, Learning Hubs and some Schools. There are a few colour photocopiers in the Libraries or the Schools.

There are several copier brands in use around the University. For assistance in operating specific copiers please ask local staff or refer to any instructional posters located near the copiers.

IMPORTANT! if for any reason your first attempt to print does not succeed DO NOT keep trying. This only makes the problem - whatever it is - worse and with the CAPS printing system you may end up paying for multiple printouts you don't want. Firstly consider whether you have entered your CAPS username and password correctly. Are you sure that your computer is printing to the printer you want? What is the name of the printer in the print dialogue box when you select print? Ensure that the printer is on and one green light is on. If a red/orange light is on then there is either a paper jam, it's out of paper or it's out of toner. If this is the case contact Service Desk or the local administrative staff.

If you have a problem with a printer that you cannot resolve, please notify the Service Desk or the local administrative staff.

If the problem is simple such as a low ink cartridge or a jammed printer, then contacting the local staff is best (such as the staff in the Library for machines in the Library). They will be able to investigate the problem and take appropriate action.  If there are no local staff or none are available, please log a job through the Service Desk.
If you are using Adobe Acrobat to print PDFs and find they are coming out blank or incomplete, it can be a good idea to try ticking "Print as image". This option can be found under "Advanced" once you have selected to print the document.
This message will appear if you enter an invalid username. If you are sure you are typing the username correctly and the problem persists, there may be a problem with your username associated with your card. Contact the Service Desk.
This message will appear if you enter an incorrect password.
The username does not match any active CAPS accounts. This may indicate that your account is locked. Contact the Service Desk.
The computer is attempting to print to a print queue that does not exist. This is a computer configuration problem and should be reported to the Service Desk. If this error occurs on your own laptop, you should uninstall the printer object and reinstall the print package.
The print server cannot be contacted. This may be due to network problems or a scheduled server outage.

In the event that your print or copy is poor quality, the device jams or some other failure, you can apply for a CAPS refund. To apply for a refund please contact the Service Desk

When logging a job, please include the following information:

  • Your username
  • The name of the printer or print queue (it should be on the printer, eg: ITS-LIB-PRT1)
  • The approximate date and time of the event
  • No. of pages incorrectly charged, type of job (colour, A3, A4 duplex) or the cost of the job.
  • The nature of the fault - eg: printer jam, low quality, out of toner etc.

The CAPS team typically will respond to a request for refund within one business day of receiving your application for refund.

UTAS photocopiers must be used strictly in accordance with the provisions of the Copyright Act. In every case the onus is on the user to ensure that copying does not breach the Act. Any infringement is entirely the responsibility of the user. There are notices near most photocopier setting out the main points of the Copyright Act.