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Cookies & Cache

Keeping Your Browser Up To Date

Having an out of date or incorrectly configured web browser can cause various issues, such as websites displaying incorrectly or failing to load at all. Please select your browser from the list below for details on keeping it up to date.

  • What are cookies?
    Cookies are messages sent to your web browser by a web site. The main purpose of cookies is to identify users in order to remember login information, prepare customized web pages, or save preferences that you have set for specific web sites. UTAS Webmail uses cookies, so you will need to enable them.
  • What is a browser cache?
    Each time you access a web page, your web browser caches (stores) it on your computer. In this way, web pages do not have to be downloaded again each time you click the Back or Forward buttons. This means that if there is an error when loading a page, sometimes your browser will store a version of the page that does not work. When this happens the same error will be there each time you visit that page. By clearing the stored pages, your browser will retrieve fresh, up-to-date versions of each page as you open them.