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Connecting to the Wireless Network

University of Tasmania wireless internet access is through eduroam. The previous system, UConnect, is being phased out during 2015. Eduroam is available at all Australian Universities and research institutions using your UTAS account details. Eduroam can also be used at participating research and education institutions across 70 countries world-wide.

Visitors from external universities should refer to their home institution for eduroam set-up instructions. They will likely be similar to the instructions provided below.

Please use the three step process below to connect your wireless device(s) to eduroam.

A print version of this guide is available - Connecting to eduroam (PDF, 279KB)

A Chinese Simplified guide is available - Connecting to eduroam CH Simplified (PDF 676KB)

1.    Finding the network

On Windows, left-click on the wireless icon in the toolbar beside the clock (as shown below), and select eduroam.

Windows Network Icon in taskbar 

On a Mac, click on the Wireless network connection in the upper right of your desktop (as shown below), and select eduroam.

Mac OS X Network Icon 

For tablets and phones (iPad, iPhone, Android, or Windows), go to the list of networks in your device's settings and select eduroam.

2.    Enter your details

USERNAME: For all devices enter your University of Tasmania email address as the username.
PASSWORD: For all devices enter your University of Tasmania password as the password.

Information on email addresses

  • Students: Your email address will usually be, but if you have ever been a staff member at the University of Tasmania you may have a formal email address, as per the staff information below.
  • Staff: Your email address will usually be If you have a formal email address that does not contain (eg, if you have an AMC email address) you will need to use the information for students above.

If you are unsure of your University of Tasmania email address, please call the Service Desk on (03) 6226 1818

3.    Connect

Click on Connect or Join. If you are prompted to accept a certificate for click on AcceptContinue or Connect. Mac users may have to enter their computer username and password to allow the changes.

Android users please also check the following settings before connecting:

EAP-method – PEAP

Phase2 authentication – MSCHAPV2

CA certificate – unspecified

Anonymous identity – leave blank

Further information on eduroam