Service Desk

What is the Password Policy?

The password policy currently checks for the following complexity rules:

  • Passwords must be eight (8) or more characters and contain at least one character from each of the following sets:
    • Upper case alphabetic (A-Z),
    • Lower case alphabetic (a-z),
    • Numeric (0-9).
  • Passwords must not be older than 90 days (meaning you will need to change your password at least every 90 days, you can change it more frequently if you wish though not twice in the same day)
  • Your password can't be the same as or similar to the last 8 passwords used
  • Passwords must not be derived from your any part of your full name which is 3 or more characters in length
  • A password will need to be at least thirty minutes old before you can change it to something else