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The UTAS ID Card is issued to all students as part of the enrolment process and to new staff members on commencement with UTAS. Staff and students can use their ID Cards to borrow books from the Library and to access pre-paid photocopying and printing services on campus (CAPS). ID Cards are also used for security purposes, examination entry and for receiving concessions.

Physically, the UTAS ID Card is a plastic Card with a magnetic stripe on the back. The front of the card is printed with a photograph of the cardholder, identity data, information on the holder's University status (staff, student, full-time, part-time, course title, department etc), a Library barcode and an expiry date for the ID Card.

The Student Services and Information Centre will provide a Student ID card to each student free of charge for approximately the duration of their degree. The expiry date is calculated according to the course(s) you are enrolled in. However if your card does expire before completion of your studies, you can return to Student Services and Information Centre (SSIC) for a replacement.


Your Student or Staff ID Card provides proof of your identity and your membership of the University community. Carry your ID Card with you at all times whilst on University property. It is required when:

  • Borrowing books (and accessing other Library Services)
  • To charge and access your CAPS account for photocopying and printing
  • Enquiring about e-mail and other services that require identification
  • Receiving student concessions
  • Enquiring about 24 hour building access
  • Sitting Examinations

Any registered UTAS member is entitled to an ID Card. This includes staff and correctly enrolled full and part-time students. Some non-members such as travelling academics may also be entitled to an ID Card.

ID Cards are issued by the Student Services and Information Centre on the Sandy Bay, Newnham, Cradle Coast and Rozelle campuses. For new students, information on how and where to get an ID card is available from the Student Services and Information Centre. You will need to bring photo identification along with your student identification number (printed on your letter of offer) to obtain your card.

If you are a student and studying by distance, you can obtain an ID Card by sending a passport sized photo of yourself with your signature on the back, together with a certified copy of some other photo identification and your student identification number, to:

Student Services and Information Centre - Launceston
University of Tasmania
Private Bag 1345

If you forget your PIN you can get the PIN reset at any University branch Library, or by logging a Service Desk job.

Student ID cards are generally set to expire after the expected completion date for your chosen degree. The expiry is printed on the front of the card. If your card has expired then you will need to obtain a new card from the Student Services and Information Centre. Replacements for expired cards are provided free of charge.

If your ID card has been physically or magnetically damaged so that it no longer functions correctly you will need to obtain a new card from the Student Services and Information Centre. A small fee will be charged for the replacement of damaged ID cards.

If you have lost your ID card you should report the loss to a branch Library Client Services Desk as soon as possible so the card can be "locked" and reported. Failure to do so means you may be liable for any costs or damages incurred by misuse of the card. Once the card has been reported, you will need to obtain a new card from the Student Services and Information Centre. Obtaining a new card will invalidate the old card. A small fee will be charged for the replacement of lost ID cards.

Cards can become locked if you incorrectly type your PIN several times in a card device. Your card can be unlocked by the Library or by logging a Service Desk job.
If you have been presented with a new card and the card is faulty in some way, you will need to take the faulty card to the Student Services and Information Centre to obtain a new card. In the case of a fault, a new ID card will be issued for free. If you have recently changed your details, please allow at least 24 hours for processing before obtaining a new ID card.

If you require a card for Library borrowing, ask at the Library about Special Borrower Cards and casual photocopying cards if you are not a student or staff member of the University of Tasmania and wish to use the borrowing and photocopying services.

There is no charge for your ID Card. Replacement of lost or damaged ID Cards will incur a small fee.

No, building access is provided via a separate (proxy) card. However, you should carry both your access card and your ID Card with you when on campus to enable security to validate your access permissions if required. Failure to carry the ID Card when using a proxy card may result in your removal from the building and confiscation of the proxy card.
Each ID Card must have a PIN associated with it in order for it to work with CAPS. The first time you use an enabled device (excluding coin machines) you will be asked to enter and then confirm your PIN. The PIN must be between 4 and 8 digits long. Do not tell anyone your PIN as it will allow access to the account(s) attached to your ID Card.
The TUU may utilise a sticker that attaches to the ID Card in order to identify the holder for entitlements. It is OK to attach this sticker to the ID Card, but it should be located on the rear of the ID Card away from the magnetic stripe. Users are strongly discouraged from placing any other stickers on the ID Card as they may impede the card function.
Your ID Card should be carried on your person at all times when on campus. It is not transferable, and if it is found in the possession of any person other than the authorised holder it may be confiscated. ID Cards should not be loaned to another person!

Your UTAS ID Card should be kept secure, and you are liable for any losses resulting from unauthorised building entry or transactions. You are responsible for all items borrowed on your ID Card unless you reported the loss of the ID Card before the item was borrowed. Report a lost or stolen ID Card to the Library or the Service Desk as soon as possible so the card can be locked to prevent fraud. You will then need to contact the Student Services and Information Centre to get a new card printed.
The University will not use the ID Card photo or personal information (except as required for University purposes) unless you give your consent.