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Virtual Private Network (VPN)

The UTAS virtual private network (VPN) system provides secure, encrypted connections to University resources that are not normally available from outside the University network.

How do Virtual Private Networks work?

When you want to connect to a restricted resource from outside the university you connect to the internet as usual, then activate a VPN client program on your machine.

The client program then communicates with a VPN server at the University and, provided a correct username password is supplied, a secure, encrypted link is established.

To use the VPN system to access the University, you need a functioning network connection.This could be as basic as a dial-up modem connection to your own ISP, a broadband connection like ADSL, or a shared network at a workplace that itself has internet access and does not block VPN traffic as a policy. The University VPN system will not function for users inside the State Government or agencies connected through Networking Tasmania. The VPN client will not work until you have your Internet connection operational.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • General FAQ 
    - A compilation of the VPN Access Frequently Asked Questions - Windows 10 users will need to use information from the FAQ in order to access the VPN.

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