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Staff cloud services

This statement sets out The University of Tasmania policy in relation to the collection and use of your personal information collected by the University in the provision of ICT services.

The University of Tasmania recognises that your privacy is very important to you. As an 'agency' within the meaning of the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), and the Tasmanian Privacy Information Protection Act 2004, the University of Tasmania complies with the obligations of the Privacy Act to protect the integrity of your personal information.

When you accept an offer of employment at the University of Tasmania you are requested to submit information including, but not limited to: a) your name; b) your address; c) your personal email address; d) your telephone number; and e) your date of birth.

Any personal information you submit to Human Resources will be used to process your Employment and to provision core ICT services:

  • Authentication Services (username & password), to facilitate the use of University information services. 

All of the information collected on behalf of the University of Tasmania in your Offer of Employment will be processed through the Human Resources system and stored on secure servers located within Australia.

In cases where the University of Tasmania delivers ICT services through a third-party provider either within or outside of Australia, the University is required to take reasonable steps to advise you of this.

As of November 2014, the following ICT services are delivered from outside of the University of Tasmania:

Authentication Services

  • required to ensure continuity of authentication to cloud based services in the event that UTAS on premise services are unreachable;
  • provisioned from the Microsoft Azure data centre in Melbourne and Sydney, Asia Pacific South.

Email & Collaboration Services (Office 365)

  • provisioned from the Microsoft data centre hosted within Australia
  • Microsoft have made an amendment to the Office 365 contract recognising the requirement to comply with the Tasmanian Privacy Information Protection Act 2004
  • OneDrive for Business should only be used to store personal files and working documents only. University data should be stored in University file shares or records management systems in alignment with the University of Tasmania records management policy

Human Resource Management System (Oracle PeopleSoft)

  • provisioned through Presence of IT with data centres hosted within Australia.

Learning Management System (MyLO)

  • provisioned from the Desire2 Learn Australian hosted data centre, Equinix, in Sydney.

Service Management System (ServiceNow)

  • Provisioned through Service Now hosted data centres within Australia.

UTAS Enterprise CRM (Oracle Right Now Service Cloud and Oracle Eloqua Marketing Cloud)

  • provisioned from the Oracle data centre hosted within Australia.

Online Elections and Voting (BigPulse)

  • provisioned from the data centres mirroring copies hosted in Canada and United Kingdom.