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Short Courses

Why choose a short course?

Whether you’re looking to further your career, learn a new skill or pursue a lifelong interest, the University of Tasmania has a short course for you.

You'll learn from experts in their field, who will provide you with the skill and knowledge you can immediately apply to your life or career.
It's your chance to learn something quickly without long-term study.
You'll have the opportunity to choose courses that are offered fully online or through face-to-face workshops.
Easy to enrol. No big commitments. Open to everyone.
2019 program to be released soon.

Short Courses

Back to Basics: Demystifying healthy eating

Bowl of food, black background

An introduction to nutrition and the benefits of knowing what’s in your food.

Money talks: Who is influencing what you eat?

Smart phone app nutritional

Learn to identify how media and advertising influences what you eat.

Emerging trends: Hot topics in food and nutrition

Green Burger

Dissect current and emerging hot topics in food and nutrition and learn how to determine fact from fiction.

Taking Charge: Overcoming barriers to healthy eating

Stone, green meal plan containers.

Learn how to make (and keep) good habits in healthy eating.

Managing Employee Mental Health

Group of people talking

Learn practical skills to understand, recognise and effectively manage employee mental health issues.

Design Thinking Experience

People in front of whiteboard with flow diagrams

An intensive 3-day workshop designed to change mindsets, accelerate innovation and enhance creative skills.

Digital Photography for Social Media

Female in red, holding camera

Learn to design and develop your own brand identity by using photographic images on social media platforms.

Toxic Leadership: How to recognise, manage and defend against it

Group of people in suits

Learn how to recognise toxic behaviour and learn ways in which you can protect yourself from workplace bullying.

Living and Learning with Gratitude

Green waterdrop

Explore how practising gratitude can have a positive impact on your life, both personally and professionally.