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DISTINGUISHED PROFESSOR LECTURE SERIES | Technology, Spatialisation, and Modernity



Start Date

14th Sep 2016 6:00pm

End Date

14th Sep 2016 7:00pm

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Presented by

Distinguished Professor Jeff Malpas
University of Tasmania

Technology is all around us and yet we seldom pay attention to the manner of its operation or the fundamental nature of the changes it brings about in our lives. In this lecture, which draws on his extensive writing on place, technology, ethics, and the nature of human being, Distinguished Professor Jeff Malpas explores the character of technology, not in terms of specific technological devices, but rather through a consideration of technology in general as a systematic mode by which the world is organised and by which we are organised along with it. The key to the systematic nature of technology is its relation to space – modern technology brings everything within a single, connected, uniform spatiality. Professor Malpas will explore the consequences of this for contemporary life including its impact on forms of ethical understanding and practice.

Jeff Malpas is Distinguished Professor at the University of Tasmania and Visiting Distinguished Professor at Latrobe University. He was founder, and until 2005, Director, of the University of Tasmania’s Centre for Applied Philosophy and Ethics. He is the author or editor of 21 books with some of the world’s leading academic presses, and has published over 100 scholarly articles on topics in philosophy, art, architecture, and geography. His work is grounded in post-Kantian thought, especially the hermeneutical and phenomenological traditions, as well as in analytic philosophy of language and mind, and draws on the thinking of a diverse range of thinkers including, most notably, Albert Camus, Donald Davidson, Martin Heidegger, and Hans-Georg Gadamer. He is currently working on topics including the ethics of place, the failing character of governance, the materiality of memory, the topological character of hermeneutics, the place of art, and the relation between place, boundary, and surface.

Wednesday 14 September, 6.00pm to 7.00pm (refreshments from 5.30pm)

Aurora Lecture Theatre, IMAS Building, Castray Esplanade, Hobart

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