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IMAS PHILOSOPHY CLUB | Thinking or Feeling: Ethical Judgement in the case of Marine and Antarctic Values


IMAS Philosophy Club

Start Date

10th Nov 2016 4:00pm

The Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies Philosophy Club presents

Dr Graham Wood
Philosophy & Gender Studies, School of Humanities

Moral Rationalists suppose that reason is the tool we use to arrive at ethical judgement. Moral Sentimentalists suppose that emotion is the ultimate source of ethical judgements. Moral Realists suppose there are moral facts, and Moral Antirealists suppose that there are no such facts.

But who is right and what does all this mean for Marine and Antarctic Values?

Where: "The Galley" Level 3, IMAS Waterfront, Salamanca, Hobart.

Contact: Larelle Bossi / Julia Jabour

Event Flyer (PDF 2.57MB)