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PANEL EVENT | Mariele Neudecker: Beyond the Horizon



Start Date

26th Sep 2016 3:00pm

The Multidisciplinary Environment Research Group

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A panel discussion about art, imaging and the marine environment with artist Mariele Neudecker and CSIRO geophysicist Dr Tara Martin. Chaired by Annalise Rees, Tasmanian College of the Arts.

Mariele Neudecker, currently exhibiting in Tempest, at TMAG is visiting Tasmania to speak about her art practice and related interests. Neudecker’s art work is influenced by German Romanticism and her travel to some of the most awe-inspiring places on Earth including the Arctic and Brazilian rainforest. She notes that the influence of humanity is everywhere apparent, from the deepest crevices in the oceans to the top of the highest mountains. She is concerned that we have impacted on the natural environment to such an extent that it has marked the geological record. Her artwork in the Tempest exhibition, titled 4.7 km = ~3 Miles or ~ 2.5 Nautical Miles, warns against imminent disaster.

Mariele Neudecker’s visit to Tasmania has been supported by the Tasmanian College of the Arts, the Multidisciplinary Environment Research Group, University of Tasmania and the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery.